Jess Commons | Deputy Editor | Thursday, 14 April 2016

11 Brilliant Things With Flamingos On To Buy Right Now

11 Brilliant Things With Flamingos On To Buy Right Now

The Debrief: Flamin-Go on and buy literally all this stuff for your house

Flamingos are flipping everywhere this summer. They were flipping everywhere last summer too. A plague of flamingos, that's what we've got. Every summer from now until the end of time.

They do look lovely though, as reflected in the amount of designers that are using them on their stuff. Here's 11 flamingo things to get your hands on.

1. Flamingo Necklace

I Love Crafty, £19.93

2. Flamingo T-Shirt

ASOS, £18

3. Flamingo Cushion

Redbubble, £13.51

4. Flamingo Socks

Accessorize, £3.50

5. Flamingo Card


Lazy Oaf, £3.50

6. Flamingo Swimsuit

Lime Blonde, £68

7. Flamingo Phone Case

eBay, £4.99

8. Flamingo Necklace

Urban Outfitters, £10

9. Flamingo Clutch

Flynn, £50

10. Flamingo Earrings

Topshop, £10

11. Flamingo Backpack

Eastpak, £40

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