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10 Boilersuits You Need To Meet

The Debrief: Because overalls are the new jumpsuit

Confession time: I don’t know how to work my boiler, but I love a boilersuit. As it turns these two things aren’t related. I’m sure I’m part of some millennial cliche about all look and no practical skills, but there is something deeply alluring about the extreme functionality of overalls.

If you already love dungarees, it won’t be long until you love boilersuits too. Why? For they also have deep pockets and give you that full-body swaddled sensation. Wearing one feels like pulling on an adult-sized baby-gro, but a lot less ridiculous.

Boilersuits are peak utility. This blue-collar favourite has roots in the army. During World War II the military called them ‘siren suits’, which if you ask me is an awfully cute name for something worn by the men who fed the coal-fired boilers. Nowadays, they’ve bridged the gender gap and come in far sweeter colours, like pink and cream, but they’ve kept their ease, warmth and practicality. Think of them as a utilitarian twist on a playsuit.

Tell your separates to watch their back as these 11 boiler suits need to meet your wardrobe ASAP.


1. ASOS, Twill Boilersuit, £48 

2. G-Staw Raw, Bronson Army Boyfriend Jumpsuit, £160 

3. Madewell, Cotton and linen-blend playsuit, £165, Net-A-Porter 

 4. Kate Sheridan, Black Cotton Boiler Suit, £155 

5. Reclaimed Vintage, Revived Boiler Suit In Camo, £160, ASOS 

6. Claudie Pierlot, Jamaica denim jumpsuit, £112, Selfridges 

7. LF Markey, Danny Blue Denim Boilersuit, £140, Urban Outfitters 

8. Kate Sheridan, Navy Cord Boilersuit, £165 

9. Ganni, Charron checked cotton-blend seersucker jumpsuit, £210, Net-A-Porter 

10. Great Plains, Timed Out Tencel Boiler Suit Jumpsuit, £52.72 


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