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Big Statement To Make, But This Victoria Beckham Spoof Is The Best Fashion Video We've Seen In Ages

The Debrief: Posh has shared a spoof of her Vogue 73 Questions video and it's the best thing we've seen so far in 2015

Remember Victoria Beckham's 73 Questions interview for Vogue that we told you about last week? Now there is THE most hilarious spoof we've ever seen, and Posh herself has even given her seal of approval - sharing the vid with her 8 million Twitter followers along with a kiss and wry smile emoji. We reckon she's pissing herself on the inside. 

Young comedian and actress Holly Burn filmed her own version of 73 questions, posing as Beckham wandering around a corner shop, and the video has already had thousands of views. Check it out for actual, IRL lolz.  

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