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beth ditto changing room selfies

Beth Ditto Tries On All The Super Fun Stuff From Her New Collection

The Debrief: Beth Ditto's banging new collection for sizes 14-28 is all about investment pieces that go against the trend. Deffos one to put on your Christmas list.

Designed by Beth and with a campaign styled by the oh-so-talented Charles Jeffrey, the new Beth Ditto collection is like, SO NICE. Full of bonkers shapes and ace prints (eyelashes! blood red tear drops!) it’s a reflection of just how fun fashion can be.

The best thing about the collection is all the different shapes the clothes create. The hourglass shape which many viewed to be a staple of plus-sized dressing is nowhere in sight and instead, the collection encourages wearers to be whatever shape they damn well please. A triangle! A star!

‘Do you know how hard I had to fight to push past that?’ Beth says when we ask her about the hourglass shape last week. ‘It’s like, there’s loads of different shapes! Thin people can wear baggy clothes but there was this thing in plus size where you had to show a lot of skin – like it’s OK if you’re bigger as long as you’ve got tits!’

beth ditto

The collection comes in sizes 14-28 and although Beth does admit it's a little pricier than your average high street store, it's all about investment pieces, something which she feels is missing from plus-sized fashion. 'It's fashion for plus-size women who deserve to love their bodies AND their clothes.' She says by way of her mission statement. 'Women who want access to the same high quality fabrics and craftsmanship everyone else has. Something beyond the uber-cheap, disposable fast-fashion that’s pushed on us.'

Mainly though, it's about being able to express yourself and have fun with that you wear. ‘For me, I like to look like a clown!’ Says Beth. ‘My wife was like “I’m so glad your clown phase is behind you” and I was like “Don’t speak too soon!”

Here’s Beth trying on three of her favourite outfits from her new collection.

1. The 'Grab Her By The Pussy Bow' Dress

'I really wanted something that was like a tent but so you could also belt it, I’m not a big belter. I used to be in my twenties but now I just pull my panties up. I like for them to be under my boobs when I take my bra off. I like to be free and not feeling hot and not like your outfit is sticking to you. And I love a pussy bow, oh my gosh, GRAB HER BY THE PUSSY BOW. I’m so scared. I’m just going to stay in England if Donald Trump wins.'

beth ditto changing room selfies

Controversy Dress, £292.30

2. The Chic Sleeping Bag Dress

'I love a wing. I love anything that fits like a bag. I had this one baggy dress and I had to stop wearing it I wore it so much. I’d wear it to anything. People think [baggy clothing] is synonymous with slim or thinning and shaping, but the thing about this dress is it’s redefining the word 'flattering' because it creates it’s own shape because all of a sudden you’re shaped like a triangle! Or a starfish! It’s like wearing a chic sleeping bag. We could all fit in here.'

beth ditto changing room selfies

Deep Cuts Dress, £220.23

3. The Investment Dress With Actually Comfy Sleeve

'It’s stretch denim. I love a bubble sleeve. I love an elastic sleeve if you have big upper arms, which I do because I’m so muscular and ripped. I think arms are a big thing for big people and elastic will fit most arms. I think the collection is pricey so it’s about investing in something and when I’m investing in something I will always buy black or denim because it’s versatile – it’s easier to mix and match. That really means a lot to me. Like, all my shoes are almost always black because you want to get quality shoes but you want them to match.'

beth ditto changing room selfies

Crystal Ball Dress, £196.20

Check out the rest of Beth Ditto's autumn winter collection here.

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