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The Best Colour For A T-shirt Bra Has Been Revealed

The Best Colour For A T-shirt Bra Has Been Revealed

The Debrief: What's the best colour for a t-shirt bra? What is the best colour bra to wear if you don't want it to show through your t-shirt in pictures? All has been revealed's not white

T-shirt bras are the Tuesday of our bra collections – boring, but necessary. Everybody knows that to prevent any 'glowing bra' situations, you stick to carefully selected nude, white and black tones. But now it seems we’ve been making them more boring than necessary, as it turns out red bras are just as effective.

According to lingerie brand Empreinte, because our skin has red undertones, red bras don’t show as they 'absorb the light in a way that makes it blend with the colour of the skin underneath a white top.'

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While white basically goes with everything, red's a bit pickier. To make your bra as invisible as possible, Empreinte’s marketing director Josie-Anne Le Diouron recommends finding a bra that is 'a true red or something deeper with a blue undertone' and to 'avoid reds with an orange or pink undertone.' That means yes to cherry and wine shades, but no to corals, fuschias or crimsons.

Science has told us in the past that wearing red makes people feel both sexy and powerful, so to be able to throw on red underneath white without fearing 'the glow' is a win-win. (Unless that's what you're going for, in which case, go for it).

If you don’t feel like pushing the boat out too much, don’t worry; your nude bras are still as effective as ever. But for those who struggle to find the right shade – or if you’re just sick of wearing the same bra every day in the name of practicality – you can branch out from your Primark basics without looking like you've got traffic lights for boobs. You’re welcome.

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