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Best Christmas Pyjamas: 9 Pairs Of Pyjamas To Get You Through This Christmas - No Matter Where You're Spending It

The Debrief: Because you don't want to wear short shorts in front of your bf's dad

One of our favourite things about Christmas is that it's an excuse to wear pyjamas all day, every day. But being stuck in a close quarters with your family, random relatives you haven't seen since last year, or your boyfriend's family, can over complicate normal, simple things. Like what pjs to wear.

You've probably got your own routine where nightwear is concerned, whether you're an old T shirt and boy shorts kinda gal or a skimpy cami wearer, but the likelihood is they won't suit the various set-ups you've got to survive this Christmas.

So we've done a run down of all the types of pjs you might need, whether you're just chilling with your folks, or on your best behaviour at your bf's house. Here goes:  

1. Christmas Pyjamas If You're Spending Christmas With Your Cool Housemates

ASOS Pyjamas, £24

It's likely that your Christmas dinner will be burnt, and there will be a weird mis-match of cutlery and chairs around the table, but the good news is you can get drunk in your pyjamas - all day long. So you're going to want a fun pair, like this multi-coloured set from Asos with dinosaurs on it. 

2. The Christmas Pyjamas You Can Instagram To Guarantee Likes

After Party Pyjama pants, £150

Nothing says 'my life is fabulous' like a pair of silk pyjamas. You probably can't afford to get the top as well as the bottoms, but find yourself a plain white T, throw these marble effect trousers on, and you're ready for your selfie.

3. The Christmas PJs To Buy If You Never Normally Wear Pyjamas, But Now You Need To Pretend You Always Do

H&M Pyjamas, £14.99

Usually sleep in the buff? We feel you. If you're going to be forced into wearing actual nightwear this Christmas (usually due to the presence of wandering small children who shouldn't see your midnight streak to the loo) then buy a reliable but affordable pair from H&M. They look just like normal pyjamas that everyone wears, trust us.

4. The Christmas Pyjamas To Wear When Your At Your Parents Home With The Heating Full Blast And It's Boiling

Topshop Pyjama top, £16, bottoms, £16

Where your parents get the money to keep their house at average sauna temperature, you will never know. But make the most of the tropical temperatures and buy a short set that you can wear again at your own place next summer. Once the sun has warmed it up. 

5. The Christmas  Pyjamas To Put On After You've Eaten 1kg Of Turkey



ASOS Pyjama set, £24

The satisfaction of putting pyjamas on post Xmas dinner is one of the few real delicacies of the festive period. Take note to the necessary comfort factors: soft, long, and with an elasticated waistband. The last one is crucial, to accommodate additional Quality Street and booze.

6.  The Christmas Pyjamas You Can Actually Wear Out Of The House

Oliva Von Halle Pyjamas, £350

The pyjama suit is a huge thing at fashion week - editors wear them left, right and centre and they can look bloody brilliant. Now we know this look is a bit of a departure from your usual get up, so maybe don't wear the whole suit in one go - try the shirt over boyfriend jeans, or the trousers with a black roll neck.

7. The Christmas  Pyjamas To Wear When You're At Your Boyfriend's Parent's House



J Crew Pyjamas, £95

Ever feel like virtually everything you wear/say/do/eat while you're at your bf's house is being silently judged against a tick sheet? Don't lose points for your pyjama choice. While his dad might not mind your usual hot pants, his mum is likely to be less enthusiastic. Pick a chic, long pair that suggest you've got your shit together, like this grid print set from J Crew. 

8. The Christmas Pyjamas For When It's Just You And Your Family

John Lewis Pyjamas, £29

There are few situations where you will be comfortable wearing a beige onesie with built in bunny ears, but holed up at home with just your mum/dad/sibling, you're probably cool with it. Don't be surprised if you regress into wanting fluffy slippers too.

9. The Christmas Pyjamas For If It's Just You And Your Boy/Girl/Fancy Person


Minkpink at Urban Outfitters Pyjama Shorts, £25

If you can be bothered to throw on a tortuous silky chemise and strutt about in stilettos for sexy Xmas vibes, then we salute you. But most of us can't. The closest we're going to come to is wearing itsy bitsy shorts with confused Christmas puddings on. It's a win win - comfortable, and vaguely beguiling.

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