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One Plus-Sized Model Is V Pissed That She’s Been Made An Example Of

One Plus-Sized Model Is V Pissed That She’s Been Made An Example Of

The Debrief: Take That Haters!

Plus-sized model Barbie Ferreira took to Instagram this weekend to hit back at the neggy critics of her new Urban Outfitter’s advert. 

Last week UO launched their ‘Class of 2017’ campaign that actively celebrates diversity of all kinds. The striking ad includes actress, model and trans activist Hari Nef, rapper Tommy Genesis, Art Hoe Collective curator Anajah Hamiton and Barbie amongst other rising stars. 

While many have been applauding the high street retailer for their progressive choice of models, there is a small niche of the internet that insists this is not a major win for diversity.  

One particular article titled ‘Urban Outfitters Uses Plus-Sized Model Even Though They Don’t Sell Plus-Sized Clothes’ caught Barbie’s attention. Rather than letting this slide she took to Instagram to let her voice be heard.

Models are no longer just mannequins here to make clothes come life. Instead, they are expected to be influencers with large social media followings. And, in this case, it has given one model a platform to speak her mind and have her say in a debate that until now happened without her. As the website's of glossy mags poured over her dress size and critiqued the reasoning behind UO’s campaign, Barbie used her 385K followers to strike a new and more nuanced debate. 

Although she has since taken down the post she reacted strongly to this negative attention writing: ‘This really pisses me off. A bunch of gorgeous people and I were all in a cute campaign for T SHIRTS N SWEATSHIRTS and then media outlets have to bring my measurements and literally PICK at the numbers on my website to make a dumb point about not letting curvy girls be in thin space. I understand the sentiment but this is really cool!!

‘And yes this is a small step but to go a far as to say I can’t be in a campaign for TSHIRTS that go up to XXL bc the whole store doesn’t go to my size or whatever size you think I am is a carry.  I was rly excited about this and still am.. Am upset that ppl are lame and think inclusion means separation.’

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