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It\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Aussie Fashion Week So Start Stalking Blogger Babe Bambi Northwood-Blyth

Bambi Northwood-Blyth Is Our Summer Instagram Idol (Hit 'Follow' Now)

The Debrief: Be warned, you will want to move down under...

I spend an obscene amount of time stalking Bambi; not with the intention to kill like other deer-stalkers, but perusing her Instagram page. She began her modeling career in 2010, with all the cool Aussie brands like Alice McCall, Ellery and Camilla and Marc, but has since broken onto the international scene, walking for fashion elites like Chanel and Balenciaga, and indeed our old favourite,Topshop. 

She splits her time between The Big Apple and Sydney... where you’ll catch her saluting to the sun whilst balancing on a paddle board, or draping her lithe golden body - cocktail in hand - around Bondi Icebergs, the iconic pool and restaurant situated on Australia’s most famous beach. Rumour has it that it’s so exclusive, even Kim K got rejected from there... #justsayin’

Check out the reasons you should be insta-stalking Bambi too. 

Friends In High Places

She’s BFF with Brit gal and triple threat Bip Ling. Cool and kitsch, if a little cringe, together; they look like they have THE most fun. And evidently the purpose of this selfie is to express their love for vegemite (try it if you haven’t already. It’s so much better than old Marms #sorryengland). I wanna be in their gang.

Instagram Bambi

Vino Queeno

Bambi created her own wine brand with the peroxide beacon that is her hubby - Dan Single, founder of Ksubi (fingers in all the pies!). The newly weds romantically named it D B - bit soppy, yet I suppose rather cute. I’m yet to try it, but after heavily stalking the wine’s instagram page as well as hers, it appears, of course, that it is stocked in all of Sydney’s trendiest haunts.

Instagram Bambi

Is This The Way To Amarillo?

Yes, it most definitely is. I want this outfit so bad that I branched out and commented on this picture asking where the skirt was from... sadly no response as of yet. I think we should all take a golden leaf out of Bambi’s book and don a little more yellow every now and then.

Instagram Bambi

She's A Modern Day muse

This is so Sedgwick. The dimples, the stripes... dem brows! Bambi’s bushes put Cara’s to shame. I just don’t understand how they are that... big. I mean, they look great on her, but I genuinely don’t remember the last time I plucked mine, and even if I stuck a duplicate pair of my eyebrows on top of my actual eyebrows... then doubled it, they still wouldn’t be this thick. Anyway, back to the point, she has that wonderful captivating charm that style icon Edie had (pre her factory demise).

Instagram Bambi

Palm Princess

Ah ma gad, how fabulously cool is this outfit?! Admittedly, it’s less forgiving than the fruity little top and skirt co-ord sets that the entirety of the female festival scene heavily embraced last summer thanks to Wavey Garm Ladies (and consequently the Missguided attempts), so not everyone could pull it off, but Cameo the label have made this House of Hackney-esque creation for those brave enough to try.

Instagram Bambi

Dough A Deer, A Female Deer

The worst thing you can do in life, is take yourself too seriously. And unlike a large slice of the trouty-pouty, sultry eyed it-girls who slink around instagram being ever so serious, Bambi knows how to laugh at herself. Here she is, oozing super cheesey childish silliness, with extra points for being dressed as my favorito meal - a pizza. If you’re not able to laugh at yourself, what hope do you really have in life? 

Instagram Bambi

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