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Baddie Winkle Is Missguided\\\\\\\'s New Campaign Star And You Can All Just Go Home Now

Baddie Winkle Is Missguided's New Campaign Star And You Can All Just Go Home Now

The Debrief: And we thought our Christmas outfits were cool

Baddie Winkle is cooler than all of us - but we guess you already knew that. The octogenarian Instagram star has 2.4 million followers, personal style most of us will only ever dream of and, to add to her list of accolades? She’s just followed in the footsteps of Pamela Anderson and Amber Rose to be Missguided’s new campaign star. Pow pow pow. 

The shoot for her latest fashion role sees her hanging out in a nightclub. In true Baddie style she’s wearing a properly eclectic mix of colours, patterns, glitter, crowns….and looks like she’s having a ball. Suddenly those Friday nights in the local 'spoons we had planned over Christmas seem rather dull.

Baddie Winkle

The 88-year old doesn't just prove that you can dress however the f*** you want at any age, she also gives us daily reminders - via her Instagram feed - that most of us forget that fashion is fun, and not some list of prescribed rules and trends to follow. In fact let's make Baddie Winkle Prime Minister and have a rule that everyone has to wear clashing pink and leopard print at least once a week, just to remind us not to take things too seriously. 


Anyway, until then, let's take a moment to applaud Missguided for their ever on point famous person collaborations. Tapping Pamela Anderson to front their first major campaign as  their ‘spirit animal’ was nothing short of a stroke of genius. 

The party range that Baddie is fronting will drop on the 18th November. Just in time for party season y’all. And also just in time for me to dress my own Grandma up as Baddie 2.0. Watch out Grandma.

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