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ASOS Are Launching A Rewards Scheme

ASOS Are Launching A Rewards Scheme

The Debrief: Let's imagine all the extra money we'll be spending so we get freebies. Oh, wait

We’ve already talked at length about our love for loyalty cards and reward schemes, because what’s better than getting free stuff? Answer: not a lot. Imagine our excitement then when we heard that ASOS are launching their very own rewards scheme.

ASOS have announced that, following a successful six months of trialing the reward scheme with 300,000 customers, they have decided to roll it out to all of their customers, and gave the following statement: ‘Following a successful trial, we will launch our new ASOS Rewards loyalty scheme during the next six months, initially for our UK customers. This rewards programme allows customers to build up points on purchases, which become convertible into vouchers for use on our platforms. In addition to this, customers will unlock a wide variety of other rewards such as birthday discounts, free next-day deliveries and exclusive content.’

Although they’re keeping schtum about exactly what rewards will be in the place and the actual launch date, we know that during the trial, for every £1 spent customers were awarded 5 points and each point is worth 1p. In other words, if they spent £100 (very, very easily done, unfortunately) and they'd get £5 off their next order. Not bad.

We may not have any more information than that, but it would be a crime not to take a few moments today to imagine the stuff we’ll be buying once it comes into play. Or buying anyway, because we have zero self control.  So let’s assume the same rules apply as in the trial and start dreaming about the wardrobe we could start building and the freebies we’ll accumulate.

The Party Outfit

This will be your go-to outfit once the party season hits, plus free accessories. 

Sequin jumper, £65, ASOS White; white tailored trouers, £25, Monki; flat black shoes, £90, Dr Martens.

Rewards total = £9 so you can get a croc pouch, £6, Monki and two pack of hoops, £3, ASOS for free.

The Winter Staples

All the stuff you need as soon as the temperatures drop and probably won’t take off for the next six months.

Parka, £85, ASOS; pointed boots, £75, Warehouse; cashmere blend polo neck, £35, ASOS.

Rewards total = £9.75 so you can get a pom pom Beanie, £8, ASOS, for free with £1.75 left over for next time.

The Cosy Kit

The essentials for the inevitable winter hibernation that’s looming.

Dinosaur Pjs, £24, ASOS; slippers, £10.99, New Look; penguin hot water bottle, £12.50, NPW.

Rewards total = £2.37 + £1.75 from before = £4.12 so you can get black gloves, £3, Pieces, and have £1.12 left over for next time.

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