Alyss Bowen | Social Media Editor | Wednesday, 4 January 2017

ASOS Now Sell Men\'s Chokers And People Aren\'t OK With It

ASOS Now Sell Men's Chokers And People Aren't OK With It

The Debrief: Chokers for everyone

‘I might buy my boyfriend a choker for his birthday.’ SAID NO PERSON EVER. Until now that is…ASOS have started selling chokers.


Chokers for men. Chokers that come in velvet form, chain form, thin stringy rope form. Now we’re not slating them - quite the opposite actually - if your boyfriend wants to rock a choker ala Ryan from The OC (now he knew how to rock a choker), we say let him. 

People are Twitter are obviously losing their shit.

Is this new male trend signifying the end of 2017 before it’s even begun? We think not. I mean if you think about it, men could wear a choker anytime of day before ASOS popped them on their website, because they are literally bits of fabric tied around your neck. I even went into a hardware store once and got a meter of chain and tied that round my neck. True story. 

Men have just as much of a right to wear a choker as women, and apparently it’s really hard to find the right size for perhaps larger necks. So we’re saying why the hell not to men’s chokers. Chokers for one and for all. 

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