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ASOS Are Doing Same-Day Delivery

ASOS Are Doing Same-Day Delivery And We Are Very Excited

The Debrief: When we thought ASOS couldn’t be more convenient…

BIG news. Asos launched same-day delivery today, solving all of our ‘I’ve got nothing to wear’ problems. Given our existing online shopping habits, this sounds like it could be very dangerous...

Thanks to the new same-day delivery, which has been dubbed as 'Asos Instant', it looks as though worrying about whether our order’s going to arrive in time for our friend’s wedding could become a thing of the past. This is VERY exciting.

Asos already attracts 146 million visitors a month, but it looks like the online fashion giant's making a concerted effort to ramp up their convenience credentials. We think it could have something to do with the fact that Amazon Prime's Wardrobe service is just taking off. 

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Our favourite online fashion retailers also recently launched a virtual search tool on their app, which lets you find an item by uploading a photo.

And they've even introduced a one-hour delivery time option so that we no longer have to worry about missing our delivery and having to head to an obscure Royal Mail depot after work. 

Asos Instant is going to be available every day apart from Saturday (for now, anyway), delivering your order between 6 pm and 10 pm – the only catch is that you need to place your order before 10 am, so it’s not so helpful if you’re a routine mid-afternoon Asos browser… So the timings aren’t exactly ideal, but it’s definitely going to make their service that bit more convenient. 

The bad news is that the same-day delivery is currently only available for Londoners, but this isn't forever – after the trial in London, the service is going to be rolled out to other cities in the UK over the coming months. 

Same-day delivery doesn't come cheap though - it'll set you back a whole £12.95. But, at least if we do experience any last-minute fashion emergencies this autumn/winter season, Asos have us covered, and for this, we're eternally grateful.


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