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'Sequins Are Sexy' The King Of Sparkle Ashish Has Spoken

The Debrief: He's bringing sexy back.

Photos by Peter Haynes

As LFW was coming to a close, there was one show I was holding out for - I might be dosed up to the eyeballs on Lemsip Max Strength but you won't separate me from a sequin. We popped backstage with Ashish (below, left) before his show to see the rails swarming with spangly camouflage and studded denim.


All the clothes were being watched over by stylist Anna Trevalyan (below left) - who has styled the likes of Gaga, and was styling the show today too - decked up to the nines in a multicoloured glitter coat and shoes by the man himself Ashish.


The first thing we wanted to ask Anna about? The uber sexy vibe to the collection, which Ashish hinted about to us last week. 'Me and Ashish love sexy girls and it's not something you see much of on the catwalk,' said Anna. 'We felt like having a sexy season, and it's easy to make sequins sexy, they definitely aren't just girly-girl, it totally depends on how you're wearing them, and who is wearing them,' Anna continues.  


Later when we see Jourdan Dunn moseying down the Ashish runway, glimmering ago-go, with red stripper boots reaching up her thighs, we took Anna's point. 'I don't know how the shoes came about, we just had that idea of that trashy red, then we matched the red sequins to the stripper shoes,' explained Anna. The shoes were the most obvious erotic reference, but  the camouflage sequin parkas, and studded denim jackets and skirts had a sensual quality - hanging loose around the body while the speakers pulsed out recordings of a hooker explaining how she goes about her day job. Subtle? Ashish is not. 


With the final crank of the playlist bursting into The Pussy Dolls, 'don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me', the rows of knackered editors, stylists and bloggers started wiggling in their seats, rethinking the sexy status of the sequin. Anna reckons it was about time: 'If you feel sexy you can make anything look sexy.'



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Pictures: Peter Haynes 

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