Charlie Gowans-Eglinton | Fashion Editor | Tuesday, 22 September 2015


5 Thoughts We Had During The Ashish Show

The Debrief: Turns out, glitter can disguise any manner of bad-hair days...


1. Always carry glitter if you want to make an entrance

Nothing says ‘I’ve arrived’ like a fistful of spangle tossed up in the air over your head – the suggestion here is that you travel by glitter cannon.


2. Everything looks cooler on a skateboard…

3. …Including flashing your tits

If you’re not of the nipple-baring persuasion, best to avoid skateboarding whilst wearing a slip dress.


4. Bucket hats are officially a thing


5. Glitter is the new dry shampoo


Whack it onto greasy roots for just the right amount of Priscilla Queen of The Desert in your everyday look.

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