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Alexa Chung Wins The Internet Today With This Cute Karaoke Video For AG Jeans

The Debrief: Turns out one of our favourite fash icons has got a good pair of lungs on her

Is it possible to love Alexa Chung any more than we already do? Like, seriously? We thought we’d reached peak love for Alexa until we saw this video (below), where she is singing kareoke style to Stevie Nicks’ 1994 track Blue Denim. However the slight difference between Alexa doing kareoke at a party and us doing it is that she can actually sing! Quelle surprise, she’s actually really, really good, translating her trademark husk into a beautiful melody giving Stevie a run for her money. 

The whole video vibes ‘awkward girl at a party’, which we can all totally relate to – she is singing into a karaoke mic and people are leaving the room. But does she care? NOPE. She carries on swaying and bopping and having a grand ol’ time wearing one of her AG for Alexa dresses.

It’s been a great start to 2015 for Alexa, designing her own fashion line for AG Jeans (the collection is due to drop on the 15th). And from taking a quick sneak peak at the pics, it is so ‘Alexa’: classic, understated, and beautifully British.

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