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If You Love Ganni, You’ll Love These 11 Pieces From Gestuz

If You Love Ganni, You’ll Love These 11 Pieces From Gestuz

The Debrief: It’s VERY Alexa Chung

Hundreds and thousands of people Google ‘how to dress like Alexa Chung’ each year, but while they’ll find millions (literally) of articles answering their query, they won’t necessarily uncover the little-known gem that’s called Gestuz. Though, it doesn’t advertise itself as such, this elegant Scandi label ticks all of the Chung boxes. It’s boyish and striking, on-point with its palette and roguish in its silhouettes. Chung-lite overalls and mini skirts are paired with downy knitwear, lurex tops and killer outerwear. After deep-diving into their online shop, here are 11 pieces we would by if our overdraft would allow it. Gird your credit cards before you scroll on. 

1. Aura Ss Top B, £49, Gestuz 


2. Angelina Jumpsuit, £306, Gestuz 

3. Edie Jacket, £225, Gestuz 

4. Arya Rollneck, £63, Gestuz 

5. Tida Skirt, £180, Gestuz 

6. Sheba Patent Boots, £216, Gestuz

7. Gillian Pullover, £144, Gestuz 

8. Christine Skirt, £108, Gestuz

9.  Lotus Sling Back, £162, Gestuz 

10. Gabriella Dress, £162, Gestuz 

11. Andrea Jumpsuit, £153, Gestuz 

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