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9 Ways To Style Yourself This Weekend To Make Up For The Soul Crushing Disappointment Of Not Being At Coachella

9 Ways To Style Yourself This Weekend To Make Up For The Soul Crushing Disappointment Of Not Being At Coachella

The Debrief: Because who needs hot sunshine, cold beer and Calvin Harris anyway?

Most aspects of festival dressing are pretty much universal - colour, feathers and denim cut-offs will have a place in your rucksack whether you’re doing Beni or Bestival.

But it's fair to say that Coachella (in California, in case you've been living under a rock) is in a pretty cool league of it's own when it comes to festiwear. We’ve no concrete evidence to prove that this is directly related to the distinct absence of wellies and anoraks in our #CoachellaStyle  feeds, but anyway, here's a few ways to style yourself this week to make you feel like you're living it up in the sunshine state:

An off the shoulder top is an easy way to look effortless and keep cool, and in the wise sentiment of Cady Heron from Mean Girls, naked skin makes boys think about sex. 

It’s easy to incoorporate fringing into most outfits – a handbag, a pair of suade boots, or the underside of long sleeves like this babe. Warning: might look weird poking out the bottom of a jacket sleeve! 

Anyone remember this picture of Kendall at last years festival? The thigh split skirt is still a super hot look for spring. In the meantime, team it with a pair of low-denier tights and some tattered docs.

For the brave amoung us, this half-street-half-hippie hair style is a great ‘going out on on the weekend and getting mash-up’ look, to be totally in sync with your Californian counterparts.

But if that’s a bit too out-there and looks way too hard to do, this take on more laid back festival hair-styling is much more relaxed.

An elaborate kimono is one of my favourite go-to summer items – and though the weather outside right now is pretty shmiserable (shit and miserable), lucky for you you can style one of these bad boys with a pair of leather trews and look just as fierce.


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 A statement body-chain makes an impact whatever you pair it with. Just be careful not to let it snag on other fabric, or get tangled up in your bag strap.

A pair of eclectic printed leggings work just as well at the gym as they do in a field. Wear them now to snazz up your work out gear, before ditching the high-tops for headbands come festival season. 

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