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9 Ways Instagram Girls Are Crushing It In Camo

9 Ways Instagram Girls Are Crushing It In Camo

The Debrief: This is your shortcut to 100 likes.

In the interest of honesty, we sometimes struggle to get 11+ Likes on Instagram, but we think we’ve cracked the code to breaking the 100 mark. And, no, it doesn’t include buying followers. Some of our favourite girls have been swimming in the heart eyes recently and after some enthusiastic scrolling and comparing notes, we think we’ve figured out what they all have in common. The answer is surprisingly discreet. Once upon a time camouflage was just a practical pattern for military fatigues, but now it’s your fast track to selfie success. It’s surprisingly versatile, comes in a myriad of colours and is still available at bargain basement prices on eBay. Unlike other trends, it’s not necessary to buy high-end pieces because these Insta wins are based on attitude and styling more than its silhouette or fabric. Just see for yourself… 

1. Treat It Like A Work Shirt And Button Up 


Credit: @iisupermanii

Take camouflage out of stealth mode and refuse to blend it by choosing a cutting edge colour palette. As you can see, it’s easy to smarten up by buttoning all the way to the top. 

2. Greyscale Is More Than An Instagram Filter

Credit: @palomija

It’s the most combative pattern out there, but Paloma Elsesser managed to tone it down with multiple shades of grey. Plus points as this colourway complemented her cream khakis.

3. Pink To Make The Boys Wink

Credit: @felicityhaywardcurvemodel

Felicity Hayward joined the trenches of camo wearers with her sugary pink sleeveless tank and matching glasses. 

Go Oversize To Make Camo Stand Out 

Credit: @kyliejenner

Kylie’s gargantuan Vetements jacket is the envy of every high fashion junkie as it’s part of the French label’s collaboration with Canada Goose. The statement oversized topper can take on both snowy terrain and Instagram’s harshest critics with its reversible print and couture-like cut. 

Dive Into A Deep Blue Sea


Credit: @graceladoja

Skepta’s mate and creative powerhouse Grace La Doja is not one to recede into the background, hence her silky blue camo co-ord. Her Gucci Dionysus bag and layers of silver jewellery add a girlishness to this tomboy look. 

Drink In That Tropical Sunset 

Credit: @mynamesdiana

The weather might be still on the nippy side, but we’re vibing Diana Veras’ tropical trousers. Like a girl after out own heart, she offset the high-octane orangey print with matching Nike kicks and a bomber jacket. 

Salute Army Fatigues 

Credit: @mariahidrissi

While prepping for an upcoming holiday, Mariah Idrissi revived a menswear classic and put a fresh spin on its styling. By buttoning up an army jacket and propping up a pair of sunnies, she gave this tough accent a femme spin. 

Double Trouble 

Credit: @louisvuittoncrocs

Just because camo isn’t meant to melt into the background, don’t shy away from making a statement. Make model Lulu Bonhills your muse and double up your print for a power pairing. 

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