Charlie Gowans-Eglinton | Fashion Editor | Wednesday, 13 January 2016

9 Things To Buy To Cheer Yourself Up For £9 Or Less

9 Things To Buy To Cheer Yourself Up For £9 Or Less

The Debrief: I’d also recommend wine

Maybe you don’t need cheering up. Maybe you’re having a great January and you’re really happy with your life and you shit rainbows. Well, good for you.  Go shit them elsewhere – this is a safe space for people who, like me, can’t find anyone to drink wine with them and so must drink wine alone.

I probably need these more than you, actually. Sorry for the no chill.

Banana pencil case, £5, Paperchase; Doiy watermelon ice pop socks, £8.50, ASOS; Novelty eye mini zip purse, £8, ASOS; Twin Peaks rainy day activity book, #4, La La Land; Rosehound Apparel wabbit chenille patch, £8, Lazy Oaf; Sketch and sniff pencils, £9. Royal Academy; Becky sunglasses, £8, Monki; The mindfullnes colouring book, £8.85, Amazon; Jupon Mulberry Lip Balm, £7, & Other Stories

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