Charlie Gowans-Eglinton | Fashion Editor | Wednesday, 19 August 2015

9 Things To Buy This Week For 9 Quid Or Less

9 Things To Buy This Week For 9 Quid Or Less

The Debrief: This one's a corker. Like, literally

We’re halfway through the month, so naturally we’ve completely run out of money and are spending our evenings drinking boxed wine, and watching other people bake delicious things while eating marmite spaghetti (it’s a thing – ask Nigella). But just in case you’ve got 9 golden dubloons (quid, obvs) to rub together, here’s what to spend them on…

Our pick? The casette tape cookie cutter. And if making cookies seems a bit extreme, just use it to make novelty toast instead. Or pizza shapes.

Earrings, £4.99, New Look; Luggage Tag, £5, Skinny Dip; Cookie cutter, £9, Southbank Centre Shop; Bangle, £4.99, H&M; Animal Cork Kit, £5.95, John Lewis; Hair Clip, £9, Urban Outfitters; The Hungover Cookbook, £7.99, Oliver Bonas; Watermelon sunglasses, £4, Paperchase; Bandana, £6, ASOS

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