Sara Macauley | Contributing Writer | Wednesday, 16 December 2015

9 Things That Will Make You Look Instantly Festive For Under £9

9 Things That Will Make You Look Instantly Festive For Under £9

The Debrief: Nothing says ‘I forgot about your party’ quite like a Rudolph nose

We’ve all been there. It’s a Friday, you’ve just finished a gruelling day at work at the end of possibly the shittest week in humanity’s existence, and all you want to do is crawl into bed with your good friend Netflix. But you can’t. Because you’ve forgotten that your flatmate's 'hosting' Christmas drinks at the pub at the end of the road (i.e. she's told everyone to meet her in the pub, only she created a Facebook Event about it. Hence - hosting). 

Happily, we’ve scoured the shops for 9 instant Christmassy-vibe-generating pieces that will turn your get up from winter drab to festive fab. And yes, we did just rhyme. 

Boohoo box pleat skater skirt £8 / John Lewis Christmas photo booth kit £7.50 /  Topshop Christmas tree iPhone case £8 / Not On The High Street nail transfers £4.99 / Boohoo Christmas pudding hat £6 / Boohoo Festive Drinking Buddies drinks markers £6 / Missguided black ear muffs £5 / H&M sparkly earrings £6.99 / River Island pom pom keyring £7

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