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17 Really Awesome Small Wrist Tattoos You Can Also Do

Small Wrist Tattoos

The Debrief: Scared of taking the big inky plunge? These small options look just as cool

Think outside the box

Who needs another reason to try a small ink on your wrist, when Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad looks super chic with her 3-D cuboid design. @chiaraferragni

Try elegant scribble

Jet-setting blogger Gala Gonzalez demonstrates how a small scripture tattoo on the side of your wrist can be as elegant as jewellery.

Add grunge to glamour

Toughen up a girly outfit with subtle tattoo just below your wrist, just like Norwegian model and blogger Hanneli Mustaparta.

Keep it simple and chic

The best tattoos often don't need to be complex to have an impact. Be inspired my Vannessa Hong, blogger behind The Haute Pursuit, to keep it simple and sweet.

Give a shape a go 

Short of inspiration? Keep it graphic with a minature shape on your wrist. Blogger Charmaine James' tiny triangle provides an interesting focal point to her monochrome outfit.

A personal ink

You'll never regret a tattoo that's super personal. Dutch Vogue contributor Ivania Carpio permanently recorded the first moment her daughter wrote her own name (Lois, backwards). N'awww.

Have some fun

Wrist tattoos don't have to be traditional scribble or shapes. Betty Autier, the French blogger, was clearly thinking outside the box when she asked for this ribbon design.

Keep it happy

Remind yourself to stay positive with a permanent reminder, just like travel blogger Jessica Stein.

Say it out loud 

When one word just won't do. Make like Australian stylist Stacey Clark and ink on your favourite phrase.

Be tongue-in-cheek 

Small Wrist Tattoos

Just because it's etched on your skin for good doesn't mean you can't be humorous with your ink. Photographer Nicoletta Reggio, who also blogs at Scent Of Obsession, makes a cheeky nod to her day job with a cute camera.

More not less

Small Wrist Tattoos

Can't decide which small tattoo to get on your wrist? Why not choose them all and join them up for a charm bracelet that you won't lose or have to remove at airports. See blogger Pernille Teisbaek for inspo.

Match your font to your personality

Small Wrist Tattoos

If you're opting for a slither of the English (or another) language for your wrist tattoo, you don't have to go the way of feminine, floaty typeface if you're more of a tomboy at heart. Karla Deras of Karla's Closet has chosen a strong, clean font that matches her her graphic and statement personal style.

Size matters

Small Wrist Tattoos

A small ink on your wrist can make an interesting contrast to larger tattoos on your arm. We love Marianne Theodorsen's ornate 'S', which we're guessing must stand for style.

Spread your wings

Small Wrist Tattoos

Nothing says earthy chic quite like a miniature bird on your wrist. Make like blogger and designer Emma Ostergen and order a trio.

Get an anchor

Small Wrist Tattoos

Ahoy there! Don't want something too 'out there', but the thought of a heart tatt makes you nauseous? Unleash your inner-pirate and go for a teeny anchor. We love Alice Tate's.

Simple statements

Small Wrist Tattoos

It may seem obviously simple, but an elegant ribbon wrist tattoo says chic and original. Plus, it will look great with a stack of bracelets (or a beach and a book, for that matter).

All in the detail

Small Wrist Tattoos

Small tattoos can still be cool and complex. See the intricate detail on this tiny arrow on Barbara Ceriali's wrist.

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