Holly Hobkirk | Contributing Writer | Wednesday, 10 June 2015


9 Of The Best High Street Things For Under £9 This Week

The Debrief: One lunch hour splurge away from knocking on your overdraft's door? Try these instead...

It finally got sunny. But now you're stuck inside at work and skint because you blew all your money in your local pub's beer garden last weekend. So, in the interest of feeding our shopping habit, here are nine high street buys for under £9 that will make you look great but won't break the bank so you can repeat getting smashed al fresco again, this Saturday.


Striped Top, £6.50, Forever 21; Silver Purse, £3.99, New Look; Metal Hair Tie, £6, ASOS; Flamingo Mug, £2.50, Primark; Jeans, £7.99, H&M; Sunglasses, £6, Ark; Nail Polish in Key Lime, £6, Urban Outfitters; Glow Highlighter in Gleam, £9, Topshop; Bath Bomb, £3.35, Lush 

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