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9 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'Nice\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' Tops To Wear \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'Out\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' For Less Than £16

9 'Nice' Tops To Wear 'Out' For Less Than £16

The Debrief: ‘Nice’ one

Nice tops are the answer to most questions, though not all of them. For example: what shall I wear to the pub? A nice top. What are you wearing to the christmas party? A nice top. What would a rodent like to drink? A mice pop. 

Wear them with jeans, for sure, or under dungarees, or maybe with a skirt if you’re going all out. Definitely wear them with a coat, too, because it’s chilly out there.

Metalic Split Back, £15, ASOS; Printed Navy Wide Sleeve Blouse, £10, Urban Outfitters; Bronze Metallic Cami, £10, New Look; Off The Shoulder Striped Top, £14,; Metalic Deep Plunge Halter Top, £15, Topshop; Blouse With Lace Trim, £15.99, Zara; Bandeau Top With A Bow, £14.99, H&M; Black Fringed Boucle T-Shirt, £15, River Island; Cropped Velvet Top; £15, Topshop

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