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8 Times Celebrities Campaigned For Pedal Pushers

8 Times Celebrities Campaigned For Pedal Pushers

The Debrief: When push comes to shove, will they admit to it now?

Close your eyes real tight, imagine Sugarbabes are top of the charts and the government is still trying to persuade everyone the Millennium Dome is a thing. Now, think what were your favourite stars of the day wearing? Rhinestone tops and wide, low-slung belts, probably. But, what about trousers? Known to some as clam diggers, pedal pushers were the trouser du jour of the mid-2000s. Infinitely unflattering on even the slimmest and most toned thighs, they were tailored to crop just below the knee. They commonly had cuffs, like they were in fact meant as trousers for someone vertically challenged yet they had somehow found their way into your wardrobe. The most offensive came in denim with extreme stone washing. But, their lycra sisters weren’t without blame either. Something worth remembering and never letting the offenders forget is that there was a brigade of A-Lister celebrities that put forth the pedal pusher motion. Here are some of the most dedicated pedal pushers…

1. Jennifer Lopez

If you forget the pedal pushers, this outfit is still fine to an extent. While we wouldn’t necessarily wear the white polo neck, hoop earrings and layered necklaces together, separately each element has stood the test of time. But, lower your eyes a little further and the stilettos and white, rhinestone trousers come into view and suddenly it's a dose of nostalgia too far. 

2. Hilary Duff

From the time Hilary thought she could pull off the headwear of a countryside gent without anyone blinking. Not even a studded belt could save her, poor lamb. 

3. Lindsay Lohan

Oh, Lindsay, where do we start? There’s something swashbuckling about these Pirates of The Caribbean ‘pushers with their gold trim. Like a time capsule of the Noughties, she paired it with a Fendi belt big enough to get Gok’s approval and the lone white driving glove a la Karl Lagerfeld.  

4. Rihanna

In the days before Mel Ottenberg whipped RiRi’s wardrobe into shape, she wore denim cuffed pedal pushers and sequined waistcoats. And, then a hoard of school age girls copied her. 

5. Sienna Miller

When I think back on Sienna’s early 2000’s style, I see low-slung belts, hippie-ish headwear and a jangle of gold chains. So, in many ways, this is quintessentially Sienna, but then again it looks like her body has been engulfed by a Zumba instructor. The end result: crazy aunt-meets-art teacher after hours. 

6. Kiera Knightley

Kiera has never looked as happy as when she attended a premiere in cuffed denim pedal pushers. 

7. Beyonce

Worn with a practical-looking belt, cut slim to the knee and tailored like jeans, Queen Bey what were you thinking?

8. Christina Aguilera

Between the lilac eyeshadow, those orange shoes and that problematic crop top, it’s hard to spot that Christina Aguilera’s peddle pushers are actually embroidered with tassels and sequins. Let that settle with you for a moment then ask, wft?! 

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