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7 Ways To Wrap Up Really Warm But Still Look Smart for Work Next Week

7 Ways To Wrap Up Really Warm But Still Look Smart for Work Next Week

The Debrief: Because dressing for the cold doesn't mean wearing your entire wardrobe

With weather forecasts all over the country predicting the onset of a ‘big chill,’ it looks like this winter’s freakishly warm temperatures are finally starting to plummet. But hold up before you grab your Doc Martens and Michelin Man puffa jacket, you don’t have to lower your style stakes just ‘cos the temperature is going down. Our Insta-idols are wrapping up warm and showing us exactly how to do it with style.

Eleanor Calder


@belstaff presentation today #HeadingNorth #LCM

A photo posted by Eleanor Calder (@eleanorj92) on Jan 10, 2016 at 6:37am PST

 Top marks to Eleanor for proving that no matter how big the coat, it doesn’t have to hide your outfit. Extra points are also awarded for working out how to make Stan Smiths acceptable in the workplace.

 Ina Becker 

 We’ve always loved Ina Becker, but never have we wanted to stroke her quite so much as now. The Berliner does cosy knitwear to perfection, and proves that texture is key when it comes to wrapping up this winter.

 Hattie Bottom


So many people staring at my muff today on the tube #sassy #fluff #muff

A photo posted by hattie (@hattiebottom) on Nov 3, 2015 at 1:36pm PST

 Hattie Bottom flaunts her muff on the tube (don’t be immature) and shows us that gloves are certainly lacking on the style front when it comes to keeping your hands warm. Good word, muff. Muff. 

Sidewalk Stories


The look of new year cheer

A photo posted by @sidewalk.stories on Jan 1, 2016 at 1:49pm PST

The Holy Grail of winter workwear; A smart wardrobe checklist would not be complete without a camel coat. Update your wardrobe staple with a black turtleneck for extra cool, and men-in-black style shades for those who dare.

 Hayley Menzies London

Sass? Check. Fluff? Check. That’s probably why we’re so obsessed with this Hayley Menzies scarf. Oh, and it’s probably made out of unicorn hair…


The Part Of Style 

 Soft and sweater are two words that were made to go together. This combination of rose quartz pink with dainty jewellwry is so pretty we can’t stop looking at it.

Kotryna Bass

Scientists say that 45 percent of our body heat is lost through your head. And another 15 percent is lost through the heat. You do the maths, but we figured that an edgy beanie and timberland boots were probably the answer to our winter style equation.

Man Repeller

Who said that winter and work had to be synonymous with beige? Go on, dare to make a statement with funky coloured faux-fur like Leandra Medine does so well with this turquoise number. It’s so fluffy we’re gonna die…

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