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7 Things I Wanted At Topshop Unique

7 Things I Wanted At Topshop Unique

The Debrief: You may also want them

Sock boots
Good, aren’t they? Especially the white ones that Lineisy Montero wore.

Too-long sleeves
A little flounce of leopard print sleeve under a chunky knit. Go on then.
A big fat coat
Oversized, squashy, quilted inside, and with those too-long sleeves again. 

Slouchy Layers and mustard yellow velvet boots
See a leopard print jumper over pastel pink pleats, all in a state of slight dishevelment.

And not just any sequins – a woodland scene made of sequins. Course.

Slouchy Man Pants*
*Technical term, that. In grey tweed, khaki wool or monochrome check.

A Ribbon Collar
Interview with the Vampire chic.

Spangly Earrings
I love a spangly earring, me.



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