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7 Random Accessories To Wear This Autumn

7 Random Accessories You'll End Up Wearing This Autumn

The Debrief: Flower chokers, headphones as hairbands and erm face jewellery. Don't say we didn't warn you...

Tired of these too-hot summer days? With the start of August, autumn is in the wings – and on shelves to shop now. While this season plays host to seventies boho vibes, new Victorian accents, mod thigh-skimming minis and the tried and true menswear-as-womenswear medley, we’re taking a cue from this season’s most eclectic details. If investing in a new patchwork skirt is just not your thing, show you know what’s up with a few key accessories.

The Look: Beanie hats 

7 Random Accessories To Wear This Autumn

Designer: Gucci
How to play it: Chances are you already own this hat. Use it as the finishing touch with your favourite trench or to top off a wispy lace blouse and high-waisted jeans. Under the direction of new designer Alessandro Michele, Gucci is less sexy-glamour (two words united to challenge the notion of good taste) and more eccentric romantic, a potent combo indeed. Play it up, and throw in a beret if you’re feeling experimental.

The Look: Flower chokers

7 Random Accessories To Wear This Autumn

Designer: Maison Margiela
How to play it: Blame it on the recent Clueless revival, but our never-ending nineties obsession is still spinning round for autumn. John Galliano for Margiela has the top interpretation this season with thick black chokers featuring oversized flowers. Bold citrus blossoms make a strong play when paired with new-season outerwear. 

The Look: Chic gloves

7 Random Accessories To Wear This Autumn

Designer: Prada, Maison Margiela
How to play it: First comes Audrey then comes Amal. The new Mrs. Clooney is the latest in a long line of fashion lovers who embrace this refined accessory (of which Jackie Kennedy was also a fan).  Look to Miuccia Prada for ladylike inspo. The designer turned out Opera gloves in a range of colors – most notably: aqua, petal pink, mint and turquoise leather - worn with chic tweeds. Over at Margiela, Galliano gave us neon and patent options to edge up every best bundled-up look.

The Look: Studio 54 earrings

7 Random Accessories To Wear This Autumn

Designer: Tom Ford
How to play it: Turnt up. Tie your hair back, drop in some super-sized hoops equipped with feathers, or fringe or rhinestones (or all of the above?), add your favorite faux coat and go. Throwing it in the face of that famous Coco Chanel motto (to paraphrase: take off one accessory before leaving the house), Ford planted a look-at-me necklace on nearly all of his outfits to compete with those brilliant ear baubles. If you can balance it, do it.

The Look: Face jewellery 

7 Random Accessories To Wear This Autumn

Designer: Givenchy
How to play it: Put your best face-forward (had to) with all the black crystal and pearl decals you can find. This one might be a bit harder to duplicate IRL, but Zara, for sure, will at least have some form of clip-on septum rings, right? There’s no way to blend in with this one, so if you go all out be sure to co-ordinate your face jewels with your earrings and opt for something totally tailored and paired-down from your wardrobe.

The Look: Headphones as headbands

7 Random Accessories To Wear This Autumn

Designer: Dolce & Gabbana
How to play it: Who says fashion isn’t practical? True, it might not be the most original accessory (the designers need only look to the Tube at rush hour to spot this running trend), but headphones go with every outfit. Consider the catwalk approach in leopard print, embellished or with faux fur, the next time you turn on your favorite jam during the morning commute. 

The Look: Furry footwear

7 Random Accessories To Wear This Autumn

Designer: Ferragamo, Gucci, Fendi
How to play it: Controversial is putting it mildly. The verdict is still out on how the High Street will interpret these footwear toupes, but I imagine there will be some sort of substitute in the way of fur for fringe. Fendi did boots, Gucci did flappy haired slippers, Ferragamo did gladiator sandals (picture that). I make no promises that any of these will work in your favour (or best interest), but it is a look that is undeniably now. Spice up a two-piece suit with furry shoes or draw all eyes to your ankles by wearing with wearing a mini skirt. Send best comments on a post card.

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