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7 Insta-Models Who Make Us Want To Go Bikini Shopping

7 Insta-Models Who Make Us Want To Go Bikini Shopping

The Debrief: It’s time, guys

Swimwear shopping is ruddy horrible. I’ve spent entire days hunting for bikinis only to get a bit teary and go home empty-handed, forcing me to buy a cheapie bikini at the airport without trying it on (and despite the fact that they didn’t have the briefs in my size) and spend my holiday doing that little jog to the ocean when i think nobody's looking. Don’t be me. Take your cue from these IRL models and go buy some really bloody nice swimwear and then go lie on the beach and chill the fuck out because life’s too short. Cool?

1. Barbie Ferreira @barbienox 

Should I spend less time on Barbie's instagram? Probably. Should you buy a ruffley bikini? Definitely.

Top, £14.99, and bottoms, £7.99, both H&M

2. Marquita Pring @marquitapring

DIY your own matching towel.

top, £15.99, Zara

3. Ashley Graham @theashleygraham

Ashley Graham, proving that whole wear-white-with-a-tan thing. 

Top, £10, and bottoms, £10, both Accessorize

4. Precious Lee @preciousleexoxo

Palm prints call for pina coladas.

Swimsuit, £22.99, Zara

5. Danielle Redman @redmansworld

Play it safe in high-waisted briefs if you're planning #bikiniyoga

Top, £18, and bottoms, £10, both Monki

6. Julie Henderson @juliehenderson32

Mix and match for a better fit.

Top, £19.99, and bottoms, £15.99, both Mango

7. Valeriya Tyurina @veavz

These look great, but beware of tan lines...

Top, £19, and bottoms, £19, both & Other Stories  

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