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7 Fashion Resolutions You Will Make And Not Stick To

7 Fashion Resolutions You Will Make And Not Stick To

The Debrief: BRB, buying more jeans

A new year tends to bring with it a full wardrobe crisis. Too many pies of the mince variety, too many wines, not enough - and by that I mean no - movement. Add to that the fact that sequins and novelty knits are no-go in January, and the general back-to-school vibe, and I full blown panic. Cue emptying my wardrobe onto my bedroom floor, staring at it for a while, then crying. It’s also a time when I make fashion resolutions – this year, I will look fantastic everyday, by following these seven simple steps.

 1. Wear Less Jeans and Trainers

Read: dress more like a grown-up. But honestly, who am I kidding with this bullshit. I love jeans. I’m currently having a high waisted moment – see MiH’s Linda jeans and the new Levi’s Wedgie (yes, really). And I love trainers. They are so easy and cool and great. And ok, maybe I should wear them less to work, but will I? Will I heck.

 2. Stop Mood Shopping

Buying something I don’t need makes me happier on happy days and happier on sad days and poorer on all days. But IN MY DEFENCE I only keep like 40% of the things I buy from Asos and it’s sort of my job.

 3. Wear Matching Underwear

Ok, so maybe I’d like to be one of those women, but are they even real? And why can’t they just buy seamless black M&S pants like the rest of us, and stop raising expectations?

 4. Build A Capsule Wardrobe

I always watched that bit where Gok Wan revealed the capsule wardrobe with scepticism. I mean, let’s be realistic here, how many times can she wear that red floral skirt before she hates it, whether she changes her cardigan or not? I am partly envious of women who always look chic in navy cigarette pants and crisp white shirts, and partly just super bored for them.

 5. Invest In Quality Basics

I am not the woman who owns 10 perfect white t-shirts. I have the one that’s a bit too see-through, the one that’s a bit too long, the one that’s a bit too scoop-necked, and the one that’s a bit too clingy. It’s sad, but not so sad that I’m going to spend my wine money on t-shirts.

 6. Make A Seasonal Shopping List

No. Where is the fun in this? If I plan what I’m going to buy months in advance then I’ll miss out on that moment of spontaneous shopping happiness. Because here’s a sad-but true fact: budgeting is boring.

 7. Don’t Follow Trends

I do not regret the trends that I followed, but those that I did not try. Besides, If no one followed trends, I’d be out of a job, so just follow the trends. You might like them.

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