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5 Smart Things To Say About Comme Des Garçons Bonkers AW17 Show

5 Smart Things To Say About Comme Des Garçons Bonkers AW17 Show

The Debrief: According to Rei Kawakubo, arms are soooo last season!

We’ll level with you, the latest Comme Des Garçons Paris Fashion Week show was bonkers. It was downright ludicrous. We're not convinced you’d be able to sit down in a chair in most of the outfits - can we even call them that? Let alone scratch your nose as most were missing arm holes. But, hey, high-fashion is cray. It operates on another level, and maybe it’s just not for you or me to understand at first glance. That said, we don’t want to come across as a total neanderthal, so next time you find yourself chatting fashuun, here are some smart things for you to say about Comme's complex collection...

1.‘Rei Was Just Parodying How Naturally Weird And Undulating The Female Form Is’

Women have curves, that’s a fact. They help make our clothes drape nicely, and our hips swing pleasingly. Rather than celebrate fashion’s fascination with beanpoles, Rei Kawakubo fully embraced bulbous, curvaceous silhouettes. 

2. ‘Trainers Are Peak Fashion Right Now’ 

So, we’ve established sleeves are redundant, and clothes are cushioned and voluptuous. But that shouldn’t stop you moving as Comme used this moment to reveal their new Nike fly knit collab. What a kicker. 

3. ‘The World Is In Self-Destruction Mode, So Dress Like It’

Fact: the world is falling apart at the seams. With President Trump’s finger poised on The Button, wouldn’t you want to be wearing a padded, hard-shelled and protective suit as well? 

4. ‘Comme Makes You Reconsider What Fashion Is’  

When we think of high fashion, we usually think of elegant, luxurious hand-tooled creations, not bulbous restrictive cocoons. Oh, my, were we wrong. The label’s designer Rei Kawakubo essentially laughed in the face of our assumption. Here she’s drawing a physical line between art and fashion and stomping on the idea that the point of fashion week is to show clothes that are functional and sellable. 

5. ‘Clothes Don’t Need To Be Made Out Of Fabric’

Lolling in the face of fabric, Rei cut the collection out of stiff, sculptural materials like wadding, tin, foil, industrial felt, brown paper and reconstituted insulation felt. 

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