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5 Pairs Of Ballet Flats That Won’t Give You Shin Splints

5 Pairs Of Ballet Flats That Won’t Give You Shin Splints

The Debrief: They also deal better with puddles, although you should still avoid puddles

I was never much good at ballet, it may surprise you to hear. But we always used to eat wine gums at the end, and I liked that part. Lucikly, wearing ballet flats isn’t dependent on having gotten your grade 2 (I’m guessing at the grade system here). Normal, heavyfooted people can wear them too. And there are lots of great looking pairs out there, only some of them are made of cardboard – no really. I had a pair that split down the sole, and when I looked inside, cardboard. Buying a slightly more expensive pair will mean that you won’t get shinsplints when uou wear them, and also they look fancy.

1) Woven leather ballerina pumps from Carvela, £79-£85 

2) The flat navy ballet pump from L. K. Bennett, £135

3) The rosa high vamp ballet pumps from Office, £56

4) leather ballerinas from Uterque, £80 

5) Grey quilt suede with patent toecap from French Sole, £105


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