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5 Of The Most Ludicrous Things That Happened At NYFW

5 Of The Most Ludicrous Things That Happened At NYFW

The Debrief: If this is fashion, I don’t get it

While Hurricane Irma ripped through Florida and Trump continued to deny the existence of climate change, New York Fashion Week took place. Ludicrous, right? But, really this is nothing new, for this is the time of year when a handful of designers show breathtaking collections while hundreds of hangers-on act important. Between the people attending just to pose for street style photographers and the collections that are neither wearable or covetable, maybe I’ve missed the point. Seriously, a heck of a lot of what goes on at fashion week is just plain ridiculous. With the exception of a few editors, designers and catwalk producers working all-hours of the day to keep the fashion fantasy alive, there’s an awful lot of BS (see: the crowd outside Helmut Lang’s SS18 show that descended into a full-blown fight). Here are five things at New York Fashion Week that left me scratching my head…

1. Vaginas Are On Trend

No, your eyes are not deceiving you, that is a twinkling labia staring back at you. For spring, Namila put the pussy on parade with their high flash-ion collection of pearl-embellished nipple tassels and silken vagina appliqué.

2. Calvin Klein Taking Fashion Cues From The Big Bang Theory

I am all for spending Sundays nursing a hangover and binge-watching The Big Bang Theory. Though the more I watch, the less I am convinced I want to dress like any of the characters. Not even Penny. Raf Simons who helms Calvin Klein apparently thinks differently. Apparently, Howard Wolowitz is Raf and model Kaia Gerber’s kind of man.

3. Bigger The Hair Closer To The Fashion Gods

Without a doubt, the main attraction at Laurence & Chico’s SS18 presentation wasn’t the clothes. Though they were bold and flamboyant, it was hard to see past (or should that be below) the towering wigs. According to this brand, sugar plum afros and soaring beehives are all the rage for spring.

4. Pointless Bras Took The Runway

Bras can be divisive, but the argument is usually about whether you wear one or not. Not, about what size you wear. As seen at Helmut Lang, where Hood By Air’s designer Shayne Oliver is now flexing his creative muscles, bras became a malleable vehicle for expression, not purpose. The collection veered between bras so itty bitty they could barely cover a single titty to so humongous they became puzzling pointless.

5. Dogwalk’s Are The New Catwalks

For the fifth time (!) Anthony Rubio debuted a Canine Couture Collection. As you’d expect this meant dogs in dresses, but what you wouldn’t guess is that the show was opened by Mariah Carey’s ex-husband, Nick Cannon, and some of the dogs earned up to $1,300 for their time.

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