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1998 Officially Had The Best Golden Globes Red Carpet

1998 Officially Had The Best Golden Globes Red Carpet

The Debrief: We dare you to look at these pictures and not feel old

Like the ring of the school bell the Golden Globes, which is happening this weekend, marks the start of Hollywood’s award season. While its red carpet is not as risqué as the MTV Movie Awards or as couture-studded as the Oscars, it brings together the world’s elite movers, shakers and movie-makers. 

Even though this year’s list of glamorous nominations includes Natalie Portman, Nicole Kidman and Naomie Harris it has nothing on 1998’s. From the gowns to guests, we swear it is impossible to beat the '98 red carpet. Admittedly, this may have something do with the fact that this was the year Titanic won Best Motion Picture and the hot show was Friends. See for yourself what happened 19 years ago…

It Was Angelina Jolie’s Right Leg’s First Official Outing

God knows why everyone made such a fuss of Ange’s leg in 2012 because it's been out and proud since ’98. Can we also just a take second to appreciate how utterly nineties her total look was – a sheer shawl, blue eyeshadow and a slicked back pixie cut. Just, wow. 

My Best Friend’s (Without The Wedding) Were In Attendance

A blonde Julia Roberts holding hands with a swarthy tanned Rupert Everett, do red carpets get better than this?

It Marked The Beginning Of The Bromance

You would be wrong to think the most successful and longest running Hollywood relationship belonged to a married couple because the title is (un)officially held by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. Theirs really is a romance for the ages. 

The Pantsuit Party Came To Campaign

Before Hilary Clinton rallied the masses, Ellen Degeneres was a one-woman representative for Party Pantsuit. It certainly gets our vote. 

It Was The Year Madge Went Emo 

Forget Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian, Madonna is the original celebrity chameleon. Post her ‘80s thrift store mash-up and Gaultier conical bra phase, and before she went deep into her Music cowgirl moment in 2000 she had an emo blip. It was the year Ray of Light came out and she dyed her hair jet black and discovered Eastern religions. 

The New Marilyn

Brooke Shields was determined to stand out the year she was nominated for the Best Performance By An Actress In A Television Series, shame she came dressed as the red carpet. Regardless, Shields brought the heat in a classic silhouette that made her look like a starlet from the golden age of cinema. 

Our Heart Will Go On

While their relationship ended tragically in Titanic, this red carpet appearance marked the start of a beautiful and endless (yet sadly platonic) relationship for Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. Can we give a shout out to Kate’s beauty look – that single stray strand of hair and dark lip could not be more 1998 if it tried. 

Friends Forever

With their show’s ratings rapidly rising, this was the beginning of a long red carpet career for these six mates. We just wish one of them had let Jennifer Aniston in on the all-black memo. 

The Original Cut-Out Dress

While it was the year Jennifer Lopez was nominated for the Best Actress award for her role in Selena we’ll always remember it as the time J.Lo schooled us on how to colour-block with cut-outs. 


We miss the days when the Globes were less about playing predictor for who will win big at the Oscars and more a chance for a large, magenta, cartoon dinosaur to strut his stuff in a bowler hat.

The Golden Globes will be hosted by Jimmy Fallon on January 8th 2017. 

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