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13 Super Great Things To Buy With Pineapples On

13 Super Great Things To Buy With Pineapples On

The Debrief: Despite the best efforts of avocados, bananas and mermaids, pineapples are still A Thing. Guess you'd better purchase some more pineapple printed things then.

Despite everyone trying their best to move on from pineapples, they're still a huge Thing.

For good reason too. They're very aesthetically pleasing. And delicious.

Get your mitts on these pineapple themed bits before summer is out.

1. These Hannah Zakari Pink Pineapple Earrings

Hannah Zakari @Trouva, £16

2. These Monki Pineapple Socks

Monki, £5

3. This Mr Gugu & Miss Go Pink Pineapple Swimsuit

Mr Gugu & Miss Go, £20

4. This Sass & Belle Pineapple Tumbler

Sass & Belle, £7.50

5. This Lazy Oaf Pineapple Shirt

Lazy Oaf, £58

6. These Sunnylife Pineapple Ice Trays

Sunnylife @ Surfdome, £12.59

7. This Moon & Lola Pineapple Necklace

Moon & Lola, £28.74

8. This Forever 21 Pineapple Bodysuit

Forever 21, £13

9. This Skinny Dip Googly Eye Pineapple Phone Case

Skinny Dip @ Urban Outfitters, £15

10. This Nila Anthony Pineapple Bag

Nila Anthony @ Dolls Kill, £26.01

11. These Pineapple Fairy Lights

Lights 4 Fun, £8.99

12. This LalaLand Pineapple Shirt

LaLaLand, £33.60

13. This Missguided Pineapple Swimsuit That's So Out There It's Actually Kind Of Great

Missguided, £30

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