Jess Commons | Deputy Editor | Thursday, 28 April 2016

13 Excellent Things With Lemons On To Buy Right Now

13 Excellent Things With Lemons On To Buy Right Now

The Debrief: 'I was served lemons, but I made lemonade' - Beyonce

UPDATE! The nice people who do the PR for Tezenis have just informed us that Rita Ora's bra will be back in stock on May 20th in the shop and online. Mark your diaries accordingly.


TBH, this week's piece all started in a quest to find that nice bra Rita Ora wore in the Snapchat that made everyone start speculating that she was in fact 'Becky with the good hair' who might, possibly, maybe have shagged Jay-Z and majorly pissed Beyonce off.


Sadly for us, that bra turned out to be part of her collaboration with Tezenis and is all sold out. Gutted mate.

Here are a few other lemony bits we're coveting.

1. This lemon coin purse

Accessorize, £7

2. This lemon backpack

Mi-Pac, £27.50

3. These lemon earrings

Mango, £9.99

4. This lemon lip balm

ASOS, £7

5. This lemonade body bag

Accessorize, £35

6. These lemon earrings

Lucy Loves Neko, £14.95

7. This fluffy lemon keyring

Misguided, £6

8. This lemon print bikini

Amazon, £19.99

9. This lemon necklace

Lotso Makes, £8.60

10. This lemon wall print

Basil & Ford, £18

11. These lemon espadrilles

Soludos, £44

12. This lemon iPhone case

Redbubble, £18.06

13. This lemon print cushion

W Francis Design, £12.58

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