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13 Amazing Things To Buy With Mermaids On

13 Amazing Things To Buy With Mermaids On

The Debrief: 'Always be yourself unless you can be a mermaid. Then be a mermaid.'

Don't worry, this list is entirely Disney and Ariel free.

1. This meh-maid card

Oh Deer, £2.50

2. This mermaid swimsuit

Private Party, £68

3. These mermaid socks

ASOS, £3

3. This mermaid cat (sure) washing bag

New Look, £5.99

4. This mermaid necklace

LalaLand, £18

5. This mermaid jewellery dish

Not A Jewellery Box @ Etsy, £12.50

6. This mermaid jumper

Wildfox, £103

7. This mermaid tears bag

Skinny Dip @ ASOS

8. This mermaid denim jacket

The Ragged Priest, £95

9. This mermaid necklace

Simple By SJ @ Etsy, £8

10. This merman pouch

Limpet @ NOTHS

11. This mermaid shirt

Sugarhill Boutique, £44

12. This mermaid t-shirt

Freebird Apparel @ Ethical Market

13. This mermaid necklace

I Love Crafty @ Etsy, £12.46

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