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11 Looks From #LFW That Were Definitely, Maybe, Inspired By The Hunger Games

11 Looks From #LFW That Were Definitely, Maybe, Inspired By The Hunger Games

The Debrief: Capitol couture

You thought that with the completion of the Hunger Games franchise you’d seen the last of the high-fashion, high-haired spectacle. But no, silly, because you’d forgotten about Fashion Weeks. New York, London, Paris, Milan - twice a year the world’s billion pound clothing industry gather to ogle over fantastical visions of human backpacks and deconstructed trousers so obscure that even the most avant-garde dressmaker of them all (Cinna, obvs, RIP), would struggle to dream them up.

But which #LFW designer channeled their inner Effie with the most success? And which look is so marvellous that even a drunk Hamitch wouldn’t miss its sartorial brilliance?

Let the games begin.

1. Christopher Kane

What do resourceful Capitol ladies wear when Panem is torn apart by war and they can’t get hold of their favourite dress maker? Why, they simply fashion a plastic bag into a fetching hat. Also see: Effie’s District 13 prison-inspired style. Who wore it best?

2. Ashish

Effie, I hate to break it to you love but you’ve got serious hair competition from the girls over at Ashish. Pink and blue and green and red and gold and affros, oh my!

3. Mother of Pearl

Street-style is to high fashion designers what district-style is to the Capitol - a wonderful opportunity for cultural appropriation. Like that time when the Capitol fell in love with Katniss and started dressing like her… This sport-detailed-Little-House-on-the-Prarie look from Mother of Pearl is very downtrodden-district-inspires-the-Capitol-luxury-market.

4. Erdem

And then to Erdem, where their girl du jour was a young rural bohemian not dissimilar to Primrose Everdeen. Long swishing dresses and a sense of frugality hark back to Panem’s darker times, while paired back beauty looks are reminiscent of a district with absolutely no access to make up. No make up is the new make up anyway though, right?

5. Karlie Kloss

And speaking of Everdeen Jnr, check out Klossy’s locks. We haven’t seen pigtails this good since that time Katniss took Primrose’s place in the Hunger Games. #HairGoals.

6. Vandervorst

Two important things happened at Vandervorst this #LFW. First, the models wore fishnet tights. There’s no link to the Hunger Games that I can think of here, but I had to mention it because fishnets are the back and I for one am very happy about it. And secondly, the models wore belts round their heads which would come in very handy to the fashion-conscious whilst the Capitol is under siege. Maybe.

7. Phoebe English

Peeta, is that you?! What have they done to you Peeta?!

8. Danielle Romeril

That time when District 2 had a party, and one fashion-forward kid risked a week’s worth of food just so she could customise her uniform.

9. Claire Barrow

Over at Claire Barrow someone on the makeup team’s been watching Effie’s popular how-to fashion tutorials (should exist). But someone in the wardrobe department hasn’t, and clearly forgot something was supposed to go over the underwear.  

10. Gareth Pugh

Last season at Gareth Pugh it was all sex doll makeup and drag queens. This season it’s all hairstyles so strong that even Caesar Flickerman would struggle to pull them off.

11. Molly Goddard

These poor girls got banished from the Capitol for crimes against fashion. But they still found a way to dress their best using old curtains and hand-me-downs. You can take a girl out of the Capitol…

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