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11 Black Leather Jackets To Buy For More Than £65 But Less Than £200

11 Black Leather Jackets To Buy For More Than £65 But Less Than £200

The Debrief: Not cheap, but they won’t disintegrate in the rain either

I know that when people talk about investment shopping, they are normally just trying to flog you something you can’t afford. But when it comes to buying a black leather jacket, coughing up your hard earned dollar to buy a real leather one actually makes sense. I still wear the Whistles black leather biker that my parents bought me eight birthdays ago, and it really doesn’t look all that different to the ones they’re selling now – or these chaps below, for that matter. So it just seems like good sense to me, guys. A pleather one might look nice when you first get it, but it will go downhill pretty fast and go a bit shiny or bald looking… real leather looks even better once you’ve scuffed it up a bit, and it’s warmer, too. If you’re looking at the £65 end of the spectrum, trying buying a size up – slightly oversized anything tends to look more expensive. Plus, if you and your friends all get one, you can travel around as a pack, fixing up cars and drag racing to look cool, before joining the track team to get the girl in the end. Oh wait, that’s the plot of Grease.

1. Cropped leather jacket from Bershka, £75.99 


2. Black long leather jacket from ZARA, £129

3. Black leather bomber jacket from H&M, £199.99


4. Black leather biker jacket from Urban Outfitters, £125



5. Black leather funnel-neck jacket from ASOS, £140

6. Black leather jacket from Boohoo, £65


7. Black leather biker jacket from Oasis, £158


8. Pocket leather jacket from Mango, £119.99


9. Black leather bomber jacket from ASOS, £150

10. Black leather biker jacket from River Island at ASOS, £120 

11. Black washed leather jacket from Topshop, £165


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