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What Sex Toy Should I Buy My Boyfriend For Christmas?

What Sex Toy Should I Buy My Boyfriend For Christmas?

The Debrief: Men and presents. Ugh.

Any one who’s ever bought a present for their dear Dad knows gift shopping for the man of the house isn’t the easiest of festive errands. Unless the old codger is a keen hobbyist the choices are pretty much socks, socks, socks, socks, socks, David Jason’s biography, family-sized Toblerone, whisky, socks. socks, socks, socks, socks.

Boyfriends on the other hand – phew. Even if those socks are looking pretty appealing right now there’s still one avenue worth exploring: the male sex toy! 

When it comes to saucy shopping for your boyfriend, there’s only one golden rule: Whatever you do, whatever your thoughts on the matter, do not, under any circumstances, buy your boyfriend a penis pump.  You will never see his penis again.

Here’s how to work out what your boyfriend could be into this Crimbo, in sex :

Sex toys for my boyfriend if he's an Anal Man

Earlier this year, luxury sex toy brand LELO released a ‘prostate massage heatmap’ – and I think this would look absolutely splendid hanging above the mantelpiece in a gilt frame. Joke.

The map showed that heterosexual men are becoming increasingly interested in back door antics. In fact, British men are more likely to buy a prostate massager than those Stateside. The NHS and anal-loving men! 51st State my ass! 

What to buy 

Incy wincy butt plugs are a pretty good place to start. Stick with something rubber, and avoid anything metal or cock-shaped. This plug slides on to the end of your finger and is perfect. 

Also avoid ‘anal training’ kits. Yes they may include a small, ‘ease him in’ butt plug but the word ‘training’ makes it sound like you’re sending him to an anal-boot camp – and who wants to go there?

For those that have revealed an interest in butt-play before hand, LELO’s brand new prostate massager range – released in conjunction with the heatmap – are a sleek and sophisticated option.

Will he like it?

There are a few telltale signs that your fella is open to exploring his very own, personal Tunnel of Love. Does he like his asshole being tickled or toyed with? Does he enjoy rimming? Maybe he’s even had a finger up his bum and not wiggled away in alarm like you’ve just pulled a gun on him? All indicators that he may (may) enjoy something a little bit more – how shall we say? – filling. 

Sex toys for my boyriend if he likes flying solo 

Male sex toy sales have increased by 1,000 per cent in the last decade and the best­selling male toy of all time is the Fleshlight – the silicone vagina in a thermos flask shaped into the vaginal mould of various famous porn stars. 

Whereas flying solo with a sex toy was once stigmatised, men are now seeing it has a viable and fun way to get off – and there are some great products on the market.

What to buy 

The Fleshlight is certainly an option, especially if your BF has a porn star crush and you’re happy to indulge it. But when it comes to pure indulgence there is nothing quite like the blowjob-mimicking Autoblow2 or the CyberSkin Twerking Butt, the latter a giant-ass silicone ass that feels like skin, is as heavy as a sofa and comes (ahem) complete with virtual reality headset. 

The above are certainly luxury style buys. Hot Octopus’ PULSE however is worth every penny. The world’s first ‘guybrator,’ I reviewed it for The Debrief last year and all I can say is: awesome. 

Will he like it?

I think there’s something incredibly sex positive about a girl buying a boy a solo toy. The PULSE also has the added plus that it work on frenulum stimulation; something that you can both explore together using the second model, the PULSE II, during sex.

Sex toys for my boyfriend if he's into cock rings 

Every sex toy brand has a cock ring in some way, shape or form, whether it’s just to hold everything in place or literally vibrate your socks off, the options are endless. 

Being rather discreet, if you’re feeling risqué, the cock ring is a perfect gift to plant under the Christmas tree. Cue: 'Ooooo what’ve you got there, Graham? Some kind of toggle? Show Grandma…' Actually, on second thoughts, maybe not.

What to buy 

The beauty of the cock ring is that there are simply thousands to choose from and they cover every end of the cash spectrum. For instance, the Lovehoney BASICS Vibrating Love Ring is the perfect stocking filler, costing just £3.49.

On the other side of the coin, Coco de Mer in London stock a £75 titanium cock ring beautifully made by the artisan sex toy makers Crowned Jewels. At all costs, avoid this Candy Cock Ring – can you say ‘Christmas day visit to A&E’? 

Will he like it?

The cock ring is the perfect introductory present for the boyfriend who perhaps hasn’t dabbled in sex toys before or even shown an interest in them. They’re non-invasive, familiar looking and pretty easy to use and the pay-off, although never on the same scale as say the PULSE or prostate massager, is interesting enough to warrant more exploration. 

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