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Vicky Spratt | Deputy Editor | Tuesday, 23 August 2016

What Do Guys Really Think Of The Morning After Pill?

What Do Guys Really Think Of The Morning After Pill?

The Debrief: Do they understand how it works? Would they ever pay for it? We asked and the results were illuminating…

Even if we don’t get the exact science, most women have a vague idea how the morning after pill works, but do the men in our lives? Whether it’s your long-term boyfriend going halves on emergency contraception with you because the condom split, or that guy you met last night awkwardly asking you if you’re going to ‘go and get the… pill thing’, exactly how clueless are men when it comes to the morning after pill? 

We also probed them to find out about their experiences and whether they would be willing to ‘go dutch’. Debrief interviewer Vicky Spratt spoke to Akin and Albert, both in their 20s, to find out…



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