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We Put A Condom On Various Household Items To Find Out How Big Is Too Big?

The Debrief: Swedish singer Lara Larsson has found a unique way to call bullshit on the 'my dick is too big for a condom' excuse. And it got us thinking...

Condoms are great, aren’t they? Not only do they protect you from STDs and those little things called babies, but they can also fit over… your leg*. 

Wait, what?

You may have already seen this picture uploaded onto Instagram by Swedish singer Zara Larsson, who put a condom over her leg in a bid to show men that the whole ‘my dick is too big for a condom’ excuse is absolute bullshit. Game over, boys.

While we doubt any man out there has a penis that’s larger than a leg (but you never know), Zara makes an important point. A lot of men prefer not to wear a condom, saying that ‘they’re too tight/suppress the erection/gives a rubbish orgasm’. And fair enough, we all want sex to be great.

But this is a decision that should be made between both people involved. The possibility of babies and STDs definitely trumps a guy’s preference to what feels good, surely?

Anyway, with lubed up fingers, a few pings of condoms in the face and the odd awkward glance in the office (‘Yes, that is a condom I’m putting over a fire extinguisher, and what?’), we tried to see what else we could cover with a condom in order to show you that no man is too big for a condom. FACT. 

*We also have it on good authority that condoms fit over a person’s head. No, we didn’t test this out – you know how hard it is to get spermicide out of one’s hair in the office loos? 

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