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The Best Sex Tips For Girls - As Chosen By Team Debrief

The Debrief: From stealth bush management to efficient porn storage, here are our favourite sex tips from the year...

At The Debrief we don’t like to preach, judge, or give you the sort of eye-rolly sex tips that makes you feel like you’ve accidentally blundered into a conversation with your mum about your (or worse her) sex life. 

But that doesn’t mean we haven’t dished out some excellent sex tips on how to have sex for you girls this year - in fact, here are just a few of the things Team Debrief have learnt in the course of editing, writing and designing the sex section in the last year. Some of it’s practical, some of it’s quite sweet, and some of it’s predictably NSFW… 

We've learnt how to create a porn playlist and keep it in a secure, yet easy-to-find location


Seriously, do you know how much time this is going to save me?

Rebecca, Acting Editor 

We've learnt just how many different things can be used as lube 


I didn't know there were so many different types of lubes to be found around the house -  I've had bad experiences with supermarket lube and it's so expensive SO this is the best knowledge ever. 

Emma, Social Media Editor

We've learnt how to remove pubic hair when you're in a random guy's flat 


Anyone like me that spent years thinking 'if I don't get a wax I 100% won't sleep him - and then obviously ending back at his place under prepared, and totally under preened'. It was great to know a bit of gaffer tape, some man scissors, and his razor and foam could help me right out. Brilliant.

Lena, Acting Deputy Editor

We learnt how adminstratively taxing pegging could be 


I really loved Girl On The Net's guide to pegging  - it made something I'm curious about sound so simple and straightforward. I'd been a bit scared of the sheer kink level. I have yet to try it (from an administrative point, I reckon you need a day to get the gear and get started) but I'm hoping to give it a whirl in 2015. 

Daisy, Debrief Contributing Writer

We Learnt How To Have Newly-Single Sex


The piece on How To Have Newly Single Sex is the best sex advice I've received this year. Having just come out of a three year relationship, the prospect of sex with someone knew is quite frankly terrifying and, let's be honest, horrendously awkward. Luckily this piece came to my aid, reassuring me that, actually, sex hasn't changed in the last few years and it is okay to grow your lover-numbers rather than slipping back into bed with your ex at the earliest convenience. Newly single gals, use this as your (reassuring and friendly) bible.

Chemmie, Editorial Assistant

We Learnt That We're Not all Having Sex Like We're On TV


I loved the piece a male writer wrote about how Girls the TV series made him paranoid about having sex with real girls. Mainly because I feel the same way, in that Girls makes met think that's the sort of sex I'm meant to have having . It’s refreshing to hear someone voice those fears in that way - and in a way it was even better to hear it from a guy. 

Natalia , Deputy Creative Editor 

We Found Out Where The Best Hotels In The UK To Have Sex In Are 


I loved the piece on the best hotels to have sex in - I live with my boyfriend, so this gave me top advice for sneaking off and inspiring you to remember what they look like naked. The last thing you want to do is book a hotel for an amazing weekend only to turn up and it looks like a hotel conference centre where the sexiest act is blokes watching babe station alone in their dingy room - this piece eliminates that risk.'

Charlie, Fashion Editor 

We Learnt That Not Every Woman's Bush Is Sex Ready At All Times. And That's Ok


One time I worked in a place that was all boys, except for one other girl. The other girl and I had a conversation about how emergency shaving our bushes was totally a thing. The guys were horrified beyond belief, shocked that we weren’t ready for action at all times and I felt a bit shitty about that for a long while. Rachel Hirons piece on the matter, and the response it got, totally made me realise those guys were dicks and I can do what I damn well please down there.

Jess, Culture Editor

We Learnt Some Pretty Left-Of-Field Blowjob Tips 


The blow job tips you've probably never heard of is something I've found to be useful in my life, while some of the tips have made my eyebrows raise so far up my face they're practically floating about a metre above my head. In a sort of abject terror. But we have to reach for the stars sometimes, right? 

Stevie, Staff Writer 


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