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Debrief Staff | Contributing Writer | Monday, 30 May 2016

What’s Your Magic Number?

In Which We Prove That No-One's Having As Much Sex As As You Think They Are

The Debrief: Everyone's having more sex than you, right? Take our survey and let's find out once and for all if that's *actually* true?...

How much sex are you actually having compared to your mates? Recent research has shown that the ‘optimum’ number of sexual partners one looks for is 10 (We don’t agree that there is  ever an optimum number of anything, FYI), while other stats show that while millennials may have more sexual partners than their parents ever did, we’re having less sex than ever. 

SO we want to know, how much sex are you really having? And how much sex are your mates having? Share your magic number below (it’s totally anonymous and we won’t share your data with anyone else) and we’ll share the overall results next month. Our prediction? We suspect you’ll discover that everyone’s having way less sex than you thought… 

This survey is being carried out by The Debrief, on behalf of a pharmaceutical company. Please rest assured that your identity and individual responses will be anonymised. There is no intention to promote or sell any products through this survey.

This survey is being carried out by The Debrief and the anonymised results will be used as part of an article that will appear on the website at a later date.  


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