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How To Have Sex (No, Really)

How To Have Sex (No, Really)

The Debrief: The Debrief’s ultimate guide to how to have sex - whatever your proclivities

Here at The Debrief, we’re not in the habit of telling you how to have sex. We’re certainly not here to lecture you about what you get up to in the bedroom (living room, pub toilet or wherever you find yourself next time you get lucky). But we do have a compendium of pretty fantastic sex advice to hand here, which we obviously wanted to share with you. From how to have sex in a car, to how to have newly-single sex, we’re covering as many bases as we can. Haven’t covered your sex how-do dilemma below? Message us @thedebrief on Twitter and we’ll do our best to add it in… 

1. How to have sex in a car

 According to science* women will have sex in a car at least three times in our lifetime. From low expectations to full knowledge of the highway code, here’s how to do it right. 

*not actually science 

2. How to have phone sex

When you have to scribble out two A4 sides of dirty talk pre phone-sex, something’s gone wrong… here’s how to do it right.  

3. How to orgasm during sex

The female orgasm isn’t an urban myth - but it is sometimes elusive. We speak to a host of doctors and experts and get to the bottom (and top) of the female orgasm once and for all. 

4. How to have good sex

From stealth bush management to smart porn storage, the Debrief team share their top sex tips… 

5. How to have casual sex

No cuddles, no sleepover, no breakfast 

6. How to have shower sex

Whoever invented sex in the shower was clearly born inhumanly strong with rubber grips on the bottoms of their feet. Spending 14 hours in A&E waiting to get your head stitched up isn’t a thing, which is why you need our guide to shower sex… 

7. How to have morning sex

Let’s face it - not all of us wake up first thing in the morning twirling and singing like Maria von Trapp. In fact, if you’re anything like me you need at least three coffees before you can muster so much as a grunt.

8. How to have sex on a plane

 Because if you’re going to do something (in a confined space, at 30,000, with no-one noticing) you might as well do it right… 

9. How to have sex on your period

Can you have sex during your period? The short answer is yes, you totally can. How do you have sex during your period? The short answer is 'you might want to put a towel down or something,' and the more detailed answer is here. 

10. How to have single sex

It’s highly unlikely that sex has changed in the 18 months since you were last on the market. But just in case, here is our best sex advice 

11. How to have sex in a single bed

If you’ve ever fallen out of a single bed mid-coitus, knocked your head while changing sex position or put your neck out from sleeping on top of someone, then you’ll know the joy of sex in a single bed.

12. How to have anal sex

 Are you sitting comfortably? Because we’re about to have an exceedingly honest conversation about anal sex 

13. How to have sex with a woman on top

Let’s talk about ‘cowgirl’ AKA ‘Woman On Top’ AKA ‘The Hardest One’

14. How to have sex with a man on top

The Missionary position is often, unfairly, labelled as the boring sex position. We’re here to bust that myth. 

15. How to have sex in hot weather

How to get it on when you're so sweaty you can't get your clothes off 

16. How to have sex when you have IBS

Obviously everyone wants to pretend they don't shit during sex, it's just even more difficult to do this when you've got a colon that has no idea what the hell it's doing

17. How to have sex with a bullet vibrator

Some tips on how to get the most of the LBD of the sex world. 

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