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Apparently Squirting Can Prevent UTIs, And We Have So Many Questions

Apparently Squirting Can Prevent UTIs, And We Have So Many Questions

The Debrief: But what if you're someone who never squirts during sex, and gets a lot of UTIs? What are you supposed to do with that information?

Illustration by Charlotte Molas

 Recently, a friend drew my attention to a sex tip that suggested regular squirting could prevent UTIs, and we had a lot of questions. Not least: really? And if so, and you’re not someone who squirts (but you are someone who gets a lot of UTIs), what are you supposed to do with this information. Can you just make yourself start squirting?

I’m no expert – the closest I’ve come to squirting myself, was when a guy, bizarrely, chucked water at me during sex. After, he pointed at the carpet and insisted he’d made me squirt. I hadn’t even had a nice time, what with water being thrown at me – I definitely didn’t come. So in an effort to get to the bottom of this, I spoke to four sexperts and four women who experience female ejaculation. 

What happened the first time you squirted? 

Eunice: ‘My boyfriend had made previous girlfriends squirt – he wanted me to try. You see it in porn and guys get riled up about it. We tried techniques off YouTube. It was added pressure, but after a few months, it happened.’

Natasha: ‘The first time it happened, I was like, “What the fuck?” It was a surprise for both of us. I was just really wet. I don’t know why it’s different with him – none of his exes squirted, but a minute of sitting on top, and I come all over him. I told him, “I’m so wet, we have to stop.”’

Jessica: ‘I was at a sex party with my boyfriend and we were talking about it. This guy said his girlfriend did it. I wanted try, so I just laid back and he did it. My boyfriend didn’t exactly give him a high five. I did it a second time with a sexological body worker in London and I’ve done it a few times since.’

Charlie: ‘I wasn’t sure what my boyfriend was doing – I just knew his hands were different inside me. I was sopping wet by the end of it. I said, “What the hell was that?” He said he’d been on YouTube, to research it. It was a whole body experience, rather than just climaxing.’

What do you ejaculate? 

Eunice: ‘It’s clear and a bit sticky. It’s clearer than men’s ejaculation, and less thick. It’s not urine or there’d be yellow stains everywhere!'

Natasha: ‘It’s clear, like water. It doesn’t really leave a stain on the sheets. It smells of me, a bit.’

Jessica: ‘It’s like water gushing. It’s similar to prostate fluid. It doesn’t smell. It’s not sticky, it’s not anything.’

Charlie: ‘It’s clear and odourless. It’s what you would get usually, having sex, just way more of it.’

What does squirting feel like? 

Eunice: ‘Clitoral orgasms are much stronger, than the squirting bit. They do more for me physically, but it’s a different kind of orgasm.’

Natasha: ‘Except for the fact that it’s wetter, I don’t think it’s different to a normal orgasm.’

Jessica: ‘It’s a mega relief, but not like a normal climax – it’s a full body release.’

Charlie: ‘It’s a massive orgasm – it’s a full body orgasm.’

Do you ejaculate every time? 

Eunice: ‘I’ve been doing it for over a year, but it’s still not the usual thing. I have to relax and let go.’

Natasha: ‘It’s only when I’m on top of him, but as soon as I am, it happens.’

Jessica: ‘No – I’ve ejaculated about five times.’

Charlie: ‘I’ve only done it twice because it takes a lot of work! I don’t find it easy to orgasm anyway. To orgasm like that, takes a long time. It’s hard work, for both parties.’

How does your partner feel about you ejaculating? 

Eunice: ‘My partner wants me to ejaculate – he spent months try to make it happen!’

Natasha: ‘He loves it! When the sheets are wet, it’s a reminder to him, “Yeah, I fucked her well!” Women can fake an orgasm, but they can’t fake squirting.’

Jessica: ‘My partner’s East African, so it’s normal in his culture. If I didn’t ejaculate, it’s something we would work on together.’

Charlie: 'He was really proud of himself!' 

Can all women ejaculate?

Charlie: ‘Every woman can squirt – a man’s just got to work very hard!’

Jessica: ‘All women are capable of it – in parts of Africa, it’s commonplace.’

Fiona Pywell, Psychosexual Counsellor and sexual health nurse: ‘Some women can and some can’t. Some people like to have their neck tickled – others can’t stand it!  I think people are wired differently.’

Dr. Emily Nagoski, sex educator: ‘Anatomically, it’s likely everyone has the hardware to make it happen, but it seems there’s a certain type of stimulation required – and not everybody’s interested in that!’

What is female ejaculation? 

Dr. David Goldmeier, a consultant physician in Sexual Medicine: ‘It’s urine, due to a pelvic floor dysfunction – or a substance like semen. Some female embryos have a small remnant of a prostate gland, and in some women, it’s not so small. There’ve been reports that the consistency of what comes out is rather like semen.’

Dr. Emily Nagoski: ‘The most recent research says it’s made up of two fluids. A small amount from the skeens gland, which is the female equivalent of a prostate and a larger amount from the bladder – but chemical analysis shows it’s different from urine. It’s female ejaculate.’

Why is there so much confusion about female ejaculation? 

Jessica: ‘You can read anything off the internet or in anatomy books or go to any lecture, but unless you actually experience it, you don’t know.’

Dr. Jane Dickson, a consultant in sexual and reproductive healthcare: ‘It’s not a mainstream issue for sexual health specialists to talk about or encounter. Not many women come in with this.’

Dr. Emily Nagoski: ‘Every woman’s experience is different and not every woman experiences it. Also, we’re culturally inclined to believe women are crazy and don’t know what they’re talking about.’

And finally... 

Can female ejaculation prevent UTIs? 

Fiona Pywell: ‘Probably. Germs are moved around during sex and this can cause a UTI. If urine makes up part of the ejaculation, and you shoot urine through your urethra when you ejaculate, it’ll clear away any germs that could cause UTIs.’

Dr. Jane Dickson: ‘I can’t find any scientific, confirmatory evidence that female ejaculation will help protect you from urine infections, but if you’re weeing when you ejaculate, maybe you’re flushing out a few bacteria!’

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Illustration by Charlotte Molas 

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