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Sex Positions: Our Definitive Guide

The Debrief: We've compiled a definitive list of our favourite sex positions, just for your viewing pleasure

Sex positions, where do we begin? Let's start with the basics - here are some of our favourite (and your favourite) sex positions complete with handy illustrations. You are so welcome. 

1. The Cowgirl 

The girl-on-top is arguably a man's favourite position. To summarise, you climb on and bounce until your heart's content. Bonuses: your partner gets great visuals and you get the chance to be in control. Want to know how to cheat this position? Read our definitive girl on top sex position guide.

2. Doggy 

Recently named the nation's favourite sex position, it appears us Brits love going at it like we're animals (which we are, so it figures). Doggy style hacks - throw in a vibrator. Ever considered a sex tape? Girl On The Net explains how when your partner's going at it from behind. 

3.  69 

Because sometimes oral sex is better than actual sex. For those of you who have been living under a rock, the 69 makes for oral sex on two people at the same time. Either you both lie on your sides, or one goes on top, you face your partner's genitals and lick/suck away whilst they reciprocate. Want to read more about the good, the bad and the messy? Look no further than here

4. Missionary 

Missionary is the mother of all sex positions. Yes it's basic, but sometimes you don't want one leg wrapped around your head or limbs flailing as your upside down and your partner's attempting to make his cock bend backwards (not recommended to try at home). Sometimes 'vanilla' sex is the best kind. Plus there's loads of benefits: kissing, clit stim and convenience, to name a few. 

5.  Reverse Cowgirl 

Dirtier sibling to the 'standard cowgirl', reverse cowgirl requires excellent thigh muscles as you essentially hop on (facing away this time) and grind/bounce until your heart's content. If you've mastered this position and want to advance to the next stage, why not try reverse cowgirl anal

6. The Wheelbarrow  

Let me simplify it for you: volunteer one gets on the floor in a press-up position. Volunteer two picks up number one's legs, holds by the thighs and enters. Sound tricky? It is. For hacks on how to make the wheelbarrow an easier position to master, click here

And a few more you could try... 

7. The Eagle  

As majestic as it sounds. The woman lies on her back, arms behind her head and legs up in the air as the man kneels at her genitals. This position is considered one of the more difficult sex positions in the Karma Sutra. But it's great for us because you just have to lie there whilst the guy does all the work. Bliss. 

8. The Seated Ball 

It involves testicles. He sits, knees slightly bent. She slots between the gap, crouching (another facing forward position that allows him to kiss your back) and you rock together. The Debrief's Daisy Buchanan likes the 'sensation of being cradled in his arms.'

9. Splits 

Any position which includes the splits (unless you're an adorned gymnast) is unlikely to make it into your daily sex repetoire. These are definitely moves for a special occassion, or when you want to show off your new moves from those fancy yoga classes you've been going to. One leg over his shoulder as your thighs are burning? Go on then. 

10. The stand-up shag 

Because sometimes you'll be confined to a small space and lying down just isn't an option, like if you're on an airplane for example. Quick hack to improve the standing-up shag: bend over and put your arms at your sides for your partner to grab. Balancing using bodyweight makes for a great 'freestanding' shag

11. The 'London Bridge' 

Not for the faint-hearted. Your partner gets into the 'crab' position - yes, the gymnastic move you used to challenge your friends to do in the school playground. Then you hop on top and ride. Sound simple? It's not.  

12. The Erotic Accordian  

It's as strange as it sounds. He curls up on his back with his knees on his chest whilst you squat onto the penis poking through the gap. Sound romantic? Nah we don't rate it either. 

13. Head-over-heels 

An x-rated version of the wheelbarrow where you rest your entire bodyweight on your forearms as he stands and holds your legs up to his crotch. Guaranteed to induce carpet burns, Girl On The Net suggests you adopt the friendlier doggy style position instead.  

14. Joystick Joyride 

Guy lies on back, girl hops on top and circles hips in a figure of eight (similar to the motion of a joystick). Sounds easy in comparison to the other positions on this list. Reality: hard to maintain the figure-of-eight motion and it ends up being a grinding girl-on-top job. 

15. Pegging

Sounds a bit aggresive, but that's part of the fun, eh? We have got to the bottom (ha) of this sex position and providing a few tips 'n tricks to help you master ze art of Pegging

16. For when you've forgotten to shave your legs

Hey, it happens to the best of us. We are not saying you have to shave your legs, but if you are in love with the slippery soft feeling of your calves and not so much in love with spikey leg hair - then read this definite list. In hindsight, definitely useful for that impromptu post-work drinks shag with dishy Dave from Marketing. Yes we said dishy AND WHAT. 

17. For when you're feeling lazy AF

We haven't always got the muscle power to get into a wheelbarrow position! We have emails to send and dresses to buy! Coffee to drink! People to text back! Yes we want to get frisky, but we also would like to not move very much and grab glimpses of EastEnders thank you very much. Here is a list of sex positions to try for when you simply CBA. Lazy girls rejoyce. 


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