Jess Commons | Deputy Editor | Thursday, 31 March 2016

Woman Calls Police After Man She Rejected Revenge-Farted In Her Flat

Woman Calls Police After Man She Rejected Revenge-Farted In Her Flat

The Debrief: Is farting really an appropriate response when you get turned down for sex?

You know when someone rejects you and the only logical thing you can think to do in response is to let a massive fart rip just to stink out their whole flat and ruin the rest of their night?

Nope? Just this guy then.

A man in Laholm, Sweden (it's pretty far from any major cities - not sure if this has anything to do with anything) has done just this. After a woman refused to have sex with him he farted in her apartment and left. Police are calling it a 'revenge fart'. The couple have supposedly had sex before - not that this matters when it comes to refusing sex obvs - but this time, the woman said no.

Perhaps just as bad though, was the fact that the woman (neither party wanted their names released to the public - weird) decided that the fart was an offence enough that the police needed to get involved and so she called them on the claim that the fart disturbed her peace of mind. 'It smelled very bad in my flat' She is reported to have said.

Now, Laholm has a population of less than 10,000, and it's in Sweden, which despite what dramas like The Bridge would have you believe, actually has a very low crime rate. By deduction, it's probably safe to guess that the police force of Laholm weren't up to much on the night in question. The police, for their part said they were obligated to find out if a criminal offense had been committed but chose not to take the matter further. Good guy police men and ladies. 

Still though, tying up police time is never cool - especially when a can of Febreeze would have sorted the whole thing in less than ten seconds.

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