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Turns Out Girls Get \\\'Blue Balls\\\' Too

Turns Out Girls Get 'Blue Balls' Too

The Debrief: 'Blue vulva' is a thing.

You know that thing about men saying they have 'blue balls'? Well, apparently it can actually happen to women as well. 

The concept is that prolonged sexual arousal – know medically as epididymal hypertension – leads to blood building up because it's 'trapped' which leads to a loss of oxygen and can result in a bluish colour. 

During arousal in females, blood swells in the vulva, uterus and ovaries and after a while, it can lead to the same thing happening – blood build up, uncomfortable sensation, etc – around the clitoris and labia, resulting in 'blue vulva'. 

The video raises an interesting point about the rhetoric around orgasms – that there's often a sense of entitlement to an orgasm by the male (because it's much easier to climax) so when it doesn't happen, it's easy to cry 'blue balls'.

The obvious solution is this: have a wank. Because essentially guilt-tripping someone into relieving you is never ever OK and if you suspect something is actually seriously wrong: GTFO and see a doctor.

Here's Stuff Mom Never Told You explaining it too...

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