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Georgina Lawton | Contributing Writer | 1,047 day ago

The Weirdest Christmas-Themed Sex Toys That You Almost-Certainly Don't Need In Your Life

The Debrief: What's worse than opening a crap present in front of your entire family on Christmas day? Opening a crap present that's also a sex toy

Receiving a crap Christmas present in front of a roomful of people is a lot like having really crap sex after you’ve started getting to it and realising there’s no polite way to flee the room without your favourite knickers. Unless you’re really ballsy, chances are you’ll stick it out to be polite, smile and thank the person for their efforts and then probably find yourself in a similar situation again the following year (we’ve all been there). Imagine if you combined these two horrendous scenarios by actually gifting someone with a crap sex toy? Ok, so it probably wouldn’t be worth the money or embarrassment, but in case you’re suddenly up for it, we’ve rounded up some of the most ridiculous festive sex toys around. 

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